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This group is specifically formed for the discussion about and future development of American style smallbore rifle target shooting. Specifically the brand of shooting that was one of the founding elements of the National Rifle Association of America.

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ASSA Sponsors & COVID-19   Discussions

Started Apr-1 by Ken Benyo (1813Benny); 45 views.

Fellow Competitors:

The recent economic situation due to the COVID-19 has hit home to all of us at many different levels.

During this period, please remember those businesses that are a fundamental part of the smallbore competition family. Even the "large" businesses in the competitive shooting industry are in reality relatively small. In many instances, they are actually small family businesses, which make shut downs (temporary and permanent) and economic down turns even more difficult.

While we are all feeling an impact, if there are some items that you were planning to purchase it would be great to place orders - no matter how large or small - with those who support you and ASSA. Even if you split up your large order and do something now, it not only shows your support but also will assist to keep their doors open for the future.

ASSA sincerely appreciates all of our sponsors for their faithful support in our endeavors to promote smallbore rifle competitive disciplines in the United States - conventional prone, F-SBR and 3-position events just to name a few. They include (in no specific order):

-SK Ammunition 
-Walther USA
-SEB Rests
-Masterclass Stocks
-Sightron Scopes
-Eley USA
-Champion's Choice
-DiOrio Manufacturing (Turbo Tuner Tubes/Turbo Actions)
-Krieger Rifle Barrels
-Bert's Garage (Eley, Lapua, RWS & SK ammo)
-Pitts Precision Rifles
-ProShot Cleaning Products

Links to all of our sponsors can be located on the ASSA website at:

Competitive smallbore competition in the United States is a small family with common goals an interests. During this period, let's make every effort to ensure our family remains safe and supported to the best of our collective ability.

Thank you for your consideration. Stay safe and healthy and we look forward to seeing you in the near future.

Best Regards
Ken Benyo
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