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The Nook is a little spot in the universe to settle in and share photos that have been captured. It brings enjoyment to share creations that I conjure up when the desire to create something dwells within me. I am looking forward to meeting others that enjoy photography and to learn from different perspectives and constructive critique.

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Delphi News & Views October '17   General

Started 10/3/17 by Lyndy (Lyndy7); 119 views.
Lyndy (Lyndy7)

From: Lyndy (Lyndy7)


The October Delphiforums News & Views is published! We are featuring the Coffee Shop Gossip forum, Sunflower Sigs forum and an Interview with the Toiletology forum. New forum: Just For Fun Art , Hosting Tips,  and Jokes, Quotes, and Animal Trivia!

 Come and read The Delphi daily news and Join in the conversations, visit the featured forums and get to know the fun folks there at Coffee Shop Gossip or pick up a theme or a tag from Just for Fun Art, or a wonderful sig at Sunflower sigs forum! Don't forget to read the Interview with the toiletology forum! Find out some animal trivia, learn some quotes and giggle at the jokes!