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The Nook is a little spot in the universe to settle in and share photos that have been captured. It brings enjoyment to share creations that I conjure up when the desire to create something dwells within me. I am looking forward to meeting others that enjoy photography and to learn from different perspectives and constructive critique.

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Finally A Chance To Get Out In The Woods   General

Started Jan-13 by Astralchild; 19 views.

From: Astralchild


It has been quite a while since we have gone out in the woods due to the holidays, then feeling ill for a bit and then the major cold snap that we had along with a snow storm that dumped 15 inches of  snow then a rapid rise in temps into the 50's with major melting which is causing some flooding of rivers and streams and we are in for a flash freeze tonight.  Yep welcome to New England indeed.  This photo is of a beaver family that is taking safety on the top of their hut due to the rising waters that forced them out of the hut.  It is a heavy coyote area as well so I am concerned for them; however, due to the fast moving river they may be alright for tonight I don't believe the coyotes would swim across that in the extreme cold to be washed away unless they are really desperate.