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I LOVE IT HERE   General Discussion

Started 8/4/19 by Moondove (moondove07); 303 views.

Shouting a hello from across the stars!

Nice place!

Cortland (KA5S)

From: Cortland (KA5S)


Unfortunately, Cstar1 , the host  and energy source of this Forum,  and a member and sparkplug of Delphiforums since the 1980's, passed away recently, too young (says a 75 year old). 

Browse, and see who else can help keep this Forum alive. 

Oh Kass,  I am so very sorry to hear of Cstar1 passing!

I just found this blog the other day, and I was thrilled!  In the last 30 years, I have been researching everything about space...both near and far.  

I want to keep learning.  I cannot explain it at the moment but studying the Heavens is having an unexpected effect on me!   So, I will make sure to lead others this way.

Peace to you


Cortland (KA5S)

From: Cortland (KA5S)


So let it be written, so may it be done.

If you drive into the desert, or  anywhere beyond 50-100 or so miles from towns and cities,  barring smog, smoke or clouds, you'll see the stars as they should be seen.

Good morning Kass,

I have seen the beautiful night skies while visiting Colorado and Wyoming.  I saw the Milky Way for the first time while there.  I am a country girl so the night skies here in the south are quite beautiful, just not quite as breathtaking.  

Kass, I imagine you know astronomy well.  May I have permission to ask a few questions.

Be well  

Cortland (KA5S)

From: Cortland (KA5S)


Unfortunately, I am nowhere near being an astronomer, despite the effort my father put into trying to teach me the prominent stars (he'd been a long distance aircraft navigator during World War II); but I take photographs and enjoy seeing what I know as long as I can see it.

Moondove (moondove07)

From: Moondove (moondove07)


That is really cool what your father did WWII.   My grandfather was a Barnstormer in WWI.

My great-grandfather was a forensic photographer in Louisville, Kentucky and my dad loved photography.  

As for me, I always loved astronomy.  But I ended up becoming a musician.  And I did not make tons of money like I thought I would.  LOL!  But that's okay I just love to play and sing.  Motherhood was more important to me.  I raised four beautiful and outstanding children!

There is so much wonderful info in here.  If you don't mind I would like to put a link to Galaxies from my forum.

Be well


From: Georgy14d


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