AS & Relationships That Work Differently

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A forum for partners of those with Asperger's Syndrome and who are looking for ways to cope and overcome the difficulties that as brings.

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PLEASE READ --- WELCOME TO ASW   Welcome New Readers

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From: barneysmom52


Welcome to ASW. I am Jo (barneysmom52), your host. I have been married to my AS hubby for 27 years. We have always struggled with our neurological differences, but when I found out about AS, my life and our marriage became much more meaningful -- when we started to teach each other, and learn from each other, how to communicate.

I hope you will be comfortable here, whether you are neurotypical (NT), or AS (have Asperger's Syndrome), or NQ (quirky -- somewhere in between).

Being in a neuro-diverse relationship adds extra challenges, which I hope you can learn about and discuss here in a safe place. I learn more every day.

This is a forum which attempts to focus on suggestions and concrete actions to move forward together, or at least to understand why we might be stuck.

I recommend reading Asperger's Syndrome and Long-Term Relationships by Ashley Stanford. I also spent incredibly long hours reading and talking at Gerry's website AS and Their Partners (see the drop-down menu above for related forums.)

I have no agenda here as to whether or not anyone stays in a relationship.

I believe, however, that by learning about AS, sharing ideas, and supporting each other, we will discover more options than we thought we had, no matter what the outcome of the relationship.

Please bring your stories and share them.

Please introduce yourself with your first post, and tell us a bit about why you're here.

Please treat others with respect, even if you are angry or in pain.

Various viewpoints about AS will be respected, but should only be presented with the aim of helping others along.

Please don't call names. I just can't tolerate that! Maybe it's because I've been called too many names in my life.



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