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Pull out a map of Israel if you dare   Africa and the Middle East

Started 11/5/19 by BerrySteph; 6042 views.
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From: BerrySteph


You told me that Israel has borders that were being breached.

But you cannot show me those borders - and you know that all of the border aggression was carried out by the Zionists.

Here we are, 6 possible maps that show the real borders of Israel - what are they?

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From: BerrySteph


1690feet said:

Hey, Alf. Stop being Alf and be BerrySteph. Nobody likes an Alf.

You're a Zionist shill.


From: bml00


I would not take the poster seriously 

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From: bml00


... nobody takes the fool seriously fear not

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From: BerrySteph


bml00 said:

I would not take the poster seriously 

Says the man who constantly makes himself look a fool.

1) "Israeli gas which when it comes on Line is going to be enormous (far bigger than Russia etc)"

2) "There are no reports ANYWHERE of any Anti Christian activities in Israel"

3) "Europe has more weapons per capita than the US so it goes Kids will be using them"

4) "there is no Palestinian state don't make the usual arsole of yourself"

5) "There are many states with historical grievances I don't know wether[sic] Iran is one of them"

6) "Battery acid is little more than distilled water you dumb oaf" 109207.29

And there has been an even more serious delusion and monumental historical falsehood from you recently.

The Gaon of Vilna (d. 1797) cannot be the inventor of and religious champion of Zionism as you claim - his never published works didn't even reach Palestine, they turned up in 1945 when the Russians found them.

Nothing on his views ever appeared in print until an abstruse religious book in 1985. His sole real claim to fame is a hatred of Hasidics and his failure to stop them taking over in Lithuania. His beliefs are said to be Messianic, as may mean he sought to recognise Jesus as a prophet or may mean something else entirely.

Further proof that this bizarre religious theory of which you know nothing atall (and care less!!) comes from a bizarre error you made - on at least 10 occasions you called him "The Goan" - a man from the West Coast of India!

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


I was offering up a way of physically presenting a map.

Fax seemed the only means at your disposal.

So now you can pull out a map!

However, it appears Berry already has one.