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Derailed Thread   Africa and the Middle East

Started 11/21/19 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 64666 views. (Closed)(Closed to new replies)



Pig-headed whinged:

Rubbish unless you can provide a quote that unequivocably supports this post

Can you find the Promo you submitted? Pig-headed know-it-all keeps going around in circles. I know, you are now a mere mortal (Delphi's non-paying member) but maybe the Mod will chip in.


From: RGoss99


Of course he does, but being a wealthy Republican who contributes to the party, and given a hand picked attourney general who interferes with the judiciary (Stone in this case), it is not likely to happen. There is a very easy solution within the law it comes in two steps. 1. a national identity card that is required (but need not be shown) at every contact with the state, banks, education, housing, certification, etc. Ironicly the data is already on line, but in such a way that access is often illegal or difficult to reach. 2. Aggressively fine every employer who hires an illegal without such a card.

There are laws that would still permit immigrants in legally. The California one I am familiar with goes like this. An employer needs an employee with specific qualifications, but can´t seem to find one within the U.S. He finds one outside and files a petition. Step 1 if the petition is approvedmeans he has to advertise the job with the state employment office, and certain periodicals for a certain amount of time (6 weeks I seem to remember). During that time he has to interview everyone who applies, and file a report justifying not hiring that person. After six weeks, a visa and work permit will be granted along with a social security number. Sure, it is a lot of work, but if the request is genuine it is fair.

It is not perfect because people can still play games. Here are two exmples the first failed, and the second I used that didn´t.

1. Mexico has regional food, and that of the Mayan part of Mexico is quite different then the Tex-Mex Americans are familiar with. A Mexican American citizen opened a restaurant speciaizing in Nyarit cuisine, and based his claim on the fact that he said he needed his cousin, a Nyarit trained cook. In six weeks no one qualified showed up, so he applied for the peremit because the government said "no" because there was nothng peculiar about Nyarit cuisine that any cook of any ethnicity could not pick up out of a standard cookbook. nice try, but sorry.

2. I had a cousin, who was living at home in Scotland with a very abusive mother. I invited her to California on a visa for Christmas vacation, she liked it and wanted to stay. She had a degree from a Scottish university that did not exist in the U.S. at the time, dental surgury assistant, jokingly called "four handed dentestry" in Scotland.At that time in California the only professionals working with dentists did not have a degree, just a diploma. However a woman I knew had a son who was my dentist and I asked him if he could help. Of course he said, because this particulr technique was not common in America at that time but it was the way dentestry was headed*. So I had her send for her university records, CV, and qualifications for that degree. So when the dentist applied, he included the specs in the application. During the six weeks, obviously there were no qualified California Dental Surgury assistants, so he was able to justify rejecting all who applied, and she got the job. Incidently based on this 4 of his USC associates did the same thing and "imported" four Scottish grads from the same university. This would not work today as this was about 1976, and now USC and other universities have a four year degree program that has caught up with Scotland.

*I don´t know your medical or dental experience but at about the same time in the U.S. and the U.K. there was a crisis developing based on the lack of ualified doctors and the time it took to get a full M.D. on line. One solution is a 4 year degree program in California called something like "Medical Assistant" because one solution to the shortage was an endepth analysis of what an M.D. actually does, and it was discovered that over half of what the average M.D. spends his time doing could be done just as efficiently and cheaply by a "medical assistant" if we figure half, then why not pair every doctor with such an assistant to share the work, and the M.D. would become twice as productive. 

In my life time I have had a heart attack, cancer, a stroke, loss of a kidney, need glasses to read, and a hearing aid. Only the latter 2 after I reached 60, but now at 80, under the Spanish health care system, my doctors are worried about some things. For all the former things, I went to a personal physician who took care of me. Since last May (turned 80) I have been making the rounds organized by computer. First I was given an appointment for last Wednesday at 16:14. The day before I got an automatic e-mail reminding me of the appointment, told me to eat a light breakfast and nothing the rest of the day. Showed me a list of my existing medication (9 perscriptions) and asked me to update it (not necessary as it was accuate - the newest was a a week ago but the doctor did not even have to write a perscription because with my medical card it was already waiting for me at my neighborhood phrmacy). It asked question about any technical aparatus onnected to my body (hearing aids which I was told to remove), I drove to  clinic, entered a waiting room, and stuck my card in a machine, that printed out a piece of paper saying they would be ready for me at 16:25 at some room specified on the floor below, and suggested that I use the bathroom facilities, before I went to dressing room 1 strip and put own some gown. and wait until I was summoned. A technician, not a nurse knocked on the door, verified my identity from my medical card, explained the procedure, verified that I did not have a pacemaker, etc. stressed the importance that the procedre took 15 minues, and that I should not move during that time. Put me on the machine strapped me down and left me alone with music designed to help me ignore all the noise the machine made. After 15 minute told me I did a good job helped me bck to the dressing room to change back wheere a sandwich, a cookie, and some juice was waitin, came back had me walk to make sure I had no balance problems and said my dictor would be in touch. Entire procedure free, took about 30 minutes, I never saw a single doctor or nurse, though I noticed that I was being monitored from another room. The first time I had an MRI it took all morning, involved a doctor, a nuse, and some technicins, and cost my American insurance company a bundle and me a large co-payment.

I describe this becuse is the way things are being handled now, seeing les MDs or RNs and more specialized technicians, and when I do see a doctor, there iis no poking proding measuring it is like sitting in a lawyer´s office and just chatting (being recorded to be transcribed later). Involving imported personnel. when I was in hospital for my stroke, in America, I saw a doctor on rounds who spent more time looking at my chart then talking to me, several diffeerent people lower in the food chain, and the only American was a former U.S. Army nurse, the majority were from the Philipines, and the doctor who checked me was from India, unlicensed in California, but working under a doctor who was whom I never saw. My village only pharmacy has two graduate pharmaciss, siblings children of the former pharmacist, I only interact with them when they want to chat about my health. The rest of the time, I am ser
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From: SquaddyB


I'll dig around tomorrow when I am at home... and I have a bottle of Bushmills by my side!!:>):>)


From: SquaddyB


I had a cousin, who was living at home in Scotland with a very abusive mother.<<

Damn, Thrussy. 

Coupled with your other family member, the one who gave his wife a backhander in the mouth, because of a comment she made to your girlfriend, you have problems afoot!


From: SquaddyB


Stephanie Berry only wants to hear about Zionists and the promised land.

RGoss99 said...

Mayan part of Mexico

On July 24, 2008, Iowa was invaded by outsiders from ICE, and the Mayan part of Iowa suffered an ethnic cleansing, resulting in a 50% reduction of the population of Postville in a single year, if I recall correctly.

A dozen years has passed since then, and Iowa, and indeed this entire nation and the whole world, is still reeling to this day under the repercussions. 


From: BerrySteph


RGoss99 said:

I describe this becuse is the way things are being handled now, seeing les MDs or RNs and more specialized technicians, and when I do see a doctor, there iis no poking proding measuring it is like sitting in a lawyer´s office and just chatting (being recorded to be transcribed later).

Very interesting - I think our local NHS is going the same way. Still seen a doctor each time I've been but there is obviously lots of opportunity for technicians.




Not too many bottles or you'll find the farting guy on a bike thread and by mistake post it here.smiling_imp

In reply toRe: msg 95

14 US citizens, born right here in Iowa, were deported.


From: katiek2


BerrySteph said:

Yes, but to blame immigrants is attacking the symptom, while avoiding the cause in both the U.S. and the U.K. For example, Tyson (checker parts) a republican and Trump supporter, does not want immigration strictly enforced because he needs the immigrants legal or not to do the work of cutting up chickens, because out of work people in Arkansas prefer state handouts to the low paid job of plucking chickens with no medical benefits giving them carpal tunnel because of the working conditions.

I apologize for butting into this conversation, but I'm truly having a hard time understanding your point.  Trump is actively trying to curtail illegal immigration, particularly by strictly enforcing immigration law.    If you have information to the contrary, may we see your source(s)?  

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