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Equality theory   Africa and the Middle East

Started Nov-27 by Harold27Z; 1925 views.

From: Harold27Z


The darker life-forms will always hate us and here is why:

Caucasians are only 7% of the world's population, yet
• are the most industrious and innovative race the world has known.
• Caucasians have crossed seas,
• harnessed rivers,
• carved mountains,
• tamed deserts, and
• colonized the most barren ice-fields.

• Caucasians have formed nations,
• built civilizations, and administrated power.
• Caucasians created automation,
• discovered electricity,
• nuclear energy,
• X-rays and
• invented automobiles,
• air-planes,
• jet engines,
• spacecraft,
• submarines,
• helicopters,
• radio,
• television,
• internet,
• computers,
• currency,
• telephones, and
• medicine.

Caucasians unlocked the secrets of
• DNA,
• relativity,
• launched communication satellites,
• invented microwave ovens,
• concrete,
• light bulbs,
• photography,
• telescopes and
• microscopes and
• countless other technological miracles.

Caucasians were the first to
• circumnavigate the planet firstly by ship, and
• Then by air-planes
• After which they orbited it by spacecraft,
• they walked on the moon and
• explored the solar system,
• climbed the highest mountain peak,
• reached both poles,
• exceeded the sound barrier,
• descended to the deepest points of the oceans......

yet Noble suntans still can't even feed themselves.
• No pre-contact sub-Saharan African society ever
• created a written language,
• or weaved cloth,
• forged any metals,
• invented the wheel,
• plowed a field for feeding their towns,
• devised a calendar,
• code of laws,
• any social organization,
• system of measurement,
• maths,
• built a multi-story structure,
• A sewer system,
• infrastructure of any kind.

They never
• drilled a well,
• irrigated a dry field,
• created any agriculture,
• built a road,
• No sea-worthy vessel.

They never
• domesticated animals,
• exploited underground natural resources,
• produced anything that could be considered a mechanical device.

Noble suntans were still living in the Stone Age when Caucasians discovered them just 400 years ago.

Noble suntans are the oldest race, so they should be the most advanced — but they never advanced at all.

Noble suntans lived alone in Africa, a vast continent with temperate climates and abundant resources for 60,000 years; so they cannot blame
• racism,
• colonialism,
• culture,
• environment
• Slavery ..etc etc

Noble suntans are the only race incapable of even providing nutrition for themselves.

Caucasians still have to
• provide food,
• medical,
• financial, and
• engineering aid to every Noble suntan nation.

Noble suntans can't survive without Caucasian charity.
Noble suntans became an out-of-control invasive species after Caucasians domesticated them and then later gave them their independence.
• No Noble suntan society has ever independently developed and maintained its own technological way of life.

• Some groups succeed all of the time, everywhere.
• Some have never succeeded, anywhere.

• Sub-Saharan Africans have never made a contribution to the world.  There are no Caucasian  Third-World nations only Noble suntan 3rd world countries.

Put Caucasians on an island and you get England;
• put Asians on an island and you get Japan;
• put Noble suntans on an island and you get Haiti.

Terrible but nevertheless *True and Factual* unless liberals can prove otherwise without burdening Google search-engines for lame half-baked excuses.

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From: Harold27Z


Dr. Franz Boas (1858- 1942), the father of Anthropology, nearly froze to death and died in a snowy wasteland.
Fortunately (or otherwise), an Eskimo saved his life.  Boas falsely concluded that Eskimo culture was equal to that of Western man. Thus Boas spawned the unscientific theory of "cultural-relativism" and "multi-cultural equality".
So if a Bushman gives me water to save my life in the middle of the Kalahari desert, must I conclude his culture has achieved equal value to mine ?

Ripley’s believe it or not museum in Pattaya, Thailand has an exhibit of a pilot who parachuted out of his plane over the Amazon jungle. He got stuck in a tree and was kept alive for two weeks by a monkey who fed him bananas. Is the monkey culture now equal to mine ? Should we not give them ballot papers and pencils ?

Liberals say we are all equal but fail to mention the context.

Are we all equally pretty or equally pretty ugly ? Equally intelligent or stupid ? Equally advanced or stagnant ? Equally gifted ?  Equally fat, thin, tall, short, lazy ? Equally capable of inventions eg the wheel, literature, infrastructure etc ?
Clearly not.

Are all cultures equal ?   If so, in what capacity ?

Should we emulate the Eskimo custom of lending his wife to an overnight visitor ?

How do modern slaughterhouses (using stun-guns) compare with the Zulu cultural practice of "Ukeshwama" ie killing a bull with the bare hands, pulling out it’s tongue stuffing dirt in his throat, squeezing his "organ bag" till it burst, snapping its tail and breaking its neck through twisting it, then tearing the meat from the animal with bare hands ?

Should we use the African "lobola" system of buying wives (I nearly said slaves) with 5 or 10 scrawny cattle ?

Convince me we are all somehow equal and provide the logic for that conclusion.


From: bml00


YOUR 'Arry is a zenophobic racist , using Your forum for his long standing tripe


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From: Harold27Z


Consider the LOGICAL REASONS why your own blood transfusion service automatically discards Falasha blood donations.


From: bml00


Please don’t bother me with your racism you really are at the bottom of the barrel


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From: Harold27Z


No. DNA traitors are at the bottom of the barrel.  They are lower than snake-poo.

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Jenifer (Zarknorph)

He's mine?

Yes, I keep him in a cage in my cupboard and let him out when he scratches.

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From: BerrySteph


bml00 said:

YOUR 'Arry is a zenophobic racist , using Your forum for his long standing tripe

This damning photograph of a gassing being carried out in Gaza is from the BBC under a caption that read "Israel has used gas to clear tunnels it says were dug by Hamas in order to infiltrate Israel." The mouse roll over text read "Israeli soldiers spray gas at the exit of a tunnel which was used the day before by Hamas militants to infiltrate Israeli lines, on July 22." See world-middle-east-28430298 or gaschamber.htm

The BBC was threatened and that story was removed. The image is still visible here http://news.bbcimg images/76480000 /jpg/_76480318_ 76480317.jpg

Other gassings occur daily.

I'd not dispute that.

But you're hardly one to talk, being much, much more of a supremacist than he is - and expressing it in a much angrier fashion.

And with a much more glorious heritage of mass-murdering your enemies.

And over-running borders.

And burning the bodies of the people you've murdered - as you boasted you were doing after the Jenin massacre.

Even gassing them as you've done in Gaza.


From: BerrySteph


Harold27Z said:

Consider the LOGICAL REASONS why your own blood transfusion service automatically discards Falasha blood donations.

Nice one.

There are valid reasons for condemning some of your postings and even discussing whether you're a dangerous extremist unfit to share our environment.

However, the case against BM (even though I'd not support it) is much stronger!


From: bml00


totally utterly off topic