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Fraudulent Mercantile Law   Vent Your Spleen!

Started 11/27/19 by Harold27Z; 207 views.

From: Harold27Z


Under  fraudulent Mercantile law:
 01 ) the term "male" or 'female" refers to a being with animal status.

 02 ) your physical body is deemed to be a vessel on the high seas.

 03 ) the State acquires ownership of you when your parents applied for a birth cert     (synonymous with vessel berthing rights).    

 04 ) your name is CAPITALIZED to give you slave (minimum rights) status (CAPITIS-DIMINUTIO-MAXIMA).

 05 ) your legal CAPITALIZED slave status has fewer rights than a "legal fiction person" called a "corporation" because the corporation cannot go to jail.

 06 ) Acknowledging any title eg "Mr or "Mrs" or "Professor"  etc signifies acceptance of fraudulent Mercantile law.

 07 ) pleading "guilty" or "not guilty" means you acknowledge and accept Mercantile law instead of insisting upon Common Law Jurisdiction whereby you have greater rights.
 08 ) You have the right to remain silent ... "do you you understand" is legalese mumbo-jumbo wherein you are NOT asked if you comprehend. You are asked do you submit to Mercantile law.

 09 ) Municipalities, libraries, chip-shops, cop shops etc are all deemed to be "for-profit" entities under Black's Law Book.

 10 ) after the 'great" fire of London, ALL citizens, nay subjects, were deemed dead
unless they proved otherwise within 7 years to the City of London municipality.
This requirement was not publicized so babies born today, must confirm their natural person existence within 7 years.

If you think I am talking bull, Google "John Harris

Try to appreciate the sick concepts behind Mercantile Law wherein and whereby:
a ) Natural born persons are deceivingly degraded into fictitious CORPORATE legal entities (aka legal “persons”) synonymous with vessels on the high seas.
b ) Maritime Admiralty Mercantile trading in commerce can only be done using ALL-UPPERCASE CORPORATE entities, so you must NEVER purport to represent your name appearing in ALL-UPPER-CASE like on speed-fines.
Its all explained herein:
c ) Such entities eg JOE BLOGGS or ROB ROBBER come down the BIRTH CANAL / BERTHING CANAL to the DOCK.
d ) The DOCK is synonymous with the DOCK in COURT.  The dry-DOCK is where you will be sucked dry.
e ) Like a ship at sea, sentence upon you CANNOT be passed if you refuse to enter the COURT DOCK. Your goods / cargo cannot be confiscated / “attached”.
f ) Likewise, applying for a BIRTH CERT (BILL of LADING) transfers OWNERSHIP of your baby to the CORPORATE for profit STATE. Social Services kidnapped 4 kids from a woman. A few days later ONE kid was returned. The mother asked why only ONE kid was returned. She was told that child had not been REGISTERED (enslaved) and issued with a birth (berthing) cert so the STATE had no ownerSHIP claim.
g ) River BANKS control the ebb and flow and fluctuations of the CURRENT(cy).
h ) A SUMMONS to appear in court is merely an INVITATION seeking to trick you into naively representing the FICTITIOUS entity which cannot walk and talk nor fart.
i ) Always claim Common Law Jurisdiction which trumps Maritime Admiral Mercantile Law UNTIL you are tricked into giving up your rights by consenting to Maritime Admiral Mercantile Law.
j ) Under Common Law Jurisdiction you cannot be prosecuted unless you caused harm, injury or loss and have witnesses against you.

One day, you will go on your knees and thank God for the wisdom imparted herein.


From: BerrySteph


Why do you waste our time with this crap?