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Medicine and the hypocritic Hypocratic oath   Vent Your Spleen!

Started 11/30/19 by Harold27Z; 200 views.

From: Harold27Z


I detest mainstream medicine due to its fixation with chemical drugs and hostility towards practical proven alternatives eg open heart surgery using acupuncture instead of pain-killer drugs.
Nevertheless, at least it is supported by a small amount of half-baked science. Your GP can say:
“Good news. Your test results indicate you ain’t got syphillis. Its only herpes”.
In contrast, psychiatrists and psychologists are in the PURE-GUESSWORK GAME. They will only admit it “OFF THE RECORD”.
One man’s schitzophrenia is another man’s paranoia and yet another’s split-personality disorder.
Why ? Simple. There is ZERO SCIENCE behind each mental diagnosis.
Its a scam. Practitioners who prescribe sufficient drugs are rewarded with expenses paid conferences at convenient holiday destinations.
They attend an hour long lecture and then relax at the beach.

A million liberals needed psychiatric help to accept Donald Trump won the presidency  They were so used to left-wing favour.
Pills to calm you down may have been re-named, re-coloured, re-packaged, re-labelled and re-marketed to cure lurgies and worms in your dog’s belly.
Many psychotic drugs and vaccinations were recommended by “peer-groups” on big-pharma payrolls. A ghost writer prepares a summary and the bigwig: Professor X re-phrases a few words and claims his “consultation fee”. Professor X was not involved with an iota of the testing and is blissfully unaware if half the lab-animals died during tests.
Psychologists and psychiatrists never actually cure people and make them normal.
Kindly clarify how I might be inconceivably mistaken.
Mental imbalances
Even shrinks prefer not to know what causes mental imbalances:
It is a combination of
a) Fluoridised water to dumb us down, passed down the food-chain from crops to beer. Affected bathwater on our skin.
b) Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in food from wheat to fruit
c) Insecticides / pesticides.
d) The poisonous “preservative” inner lining of tins (not just Heinz beans).
e) Even the Bible mentions your DAILY bread not bread infested with harmful shelf-life extenders.
f) Harmful flavourants and colourants.
g) Even shampoo ingredients can permeate your skulls.
h) Chemical trails in the sky screwing-up crops and killing vital bee colonies.
i) Proximity to certain specific radio-wave frequencies.
j) Your poisonous vaccine ingredients eg aborted tortured baby tissue etc

Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


You will be okay as long as you don’t take your tinfoil hat off!