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Shops   World Wide WTF?

Started Jan-18 by Harold27Z; 213 views.

From: Harold27Z


When sales assistants ask can they help me, I speak softly like a civilized gentleman.

When they say they cannot hear me, I reply LOUDER saying: "If you cannot hear me then switch off your wall-to-wall disco".

Have you noticed the calibre of most sales assistants ?  Most appear degenerate.

They assume everyone wants to hear their noise pollution.  Most have tattoos or shrapnel.  Most have tee-shirts advertising Billabong or Nike or whatever but they are not paid to advertize those products.  Many have no pockets to store items suggesting a modicum of responsibility eg a pen, an ID card, keys, a credit card etc.  Many guys resemble scruffy mongrels with long hair due to not being conscripted.  Or a base-ball cap backwards just to sickenize decent people.  Or torn jeans.

Several times, I was refused a cash refund.  Then I went ape-shit and SHOUTED the specific legislation sections under which I am entitled to a refund.

  I made sure every customer in the shop heard me.   Lo and behold, a cash refund was always made available to get rid of me.

Anyone want to come shopping with me ?

What are your experiences ?


From: BerrySteph


I think Amazon is paying you to shut down as many high-street stores as possible.

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


I am SO well versed in the ACCC act that any shop attendant should tremble when they see me approach.

Harold27Z said:

When they say they cannot hear me, I reply LOUDER saying: "If you cannot hear me then switch off your wall-to-wall disco".

Thank you for the laugh.


From: Harold27Z


Snap.  I have such an aunt who reckons the consumer is always right.  When she approaches, one manager orders his staff to just give her anything she wants to hasten her departure.


From: RGoss99


It seems you either live in a strange world, or are simply out of touch in this one.

1. Sales assistants do not determine the style or volumen of the music in thier shops, management does.

2. Sales assistants are not degenerate they are the result of management offering low pay to under educated drop outs.

3. Tattoos / shrapnel are not my style. I simply feel sorry that those with poor self image have a need to mutulate themselves to get noticed.

4. Adverts on t-shirts, are a marketing techique that keeps the price down, 

5. We no longer have conscription so the fascist look is no longer necessary (see comment 3).

6. Turing baseball caps around is a way of extending one´s field of visión.

7. I agree that it is stupid to wear torn jeans, but old (and easily torn) jeans are much more comfortable then new ones that are not broken in yet.

8. Being a loud ignorant boor and bully  may relieve your needs but does nothing to add to world peace. 


From: bml00


In the current retail enviroment the customer is indeed King .