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Beastiality   Religion

Started Feb-5 by Harold27Z; 787 views.

From: Harold27Z


Leviticus 20:15 explains God's prohibition of beastiality. Thus Numbers 25:8 shows God rewarded Pinehas for terminating a miscegenational mixed-marriage.

Zacharia 8:10 refers to a depression wherein there were no wages for man, nor any wages for wild beasts / wild creatures.  Thus wild beasts / wild creatures were not categorized as men yet they were on the payroll.

How would one describe the non-mankind kind of  life-form contemplated on the payroll ?   I have tentatively ruled out donkeys and camels.

Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


I would like to have a puff of what you are smoking.


From: Harold27Z


With your permission, I will digress back to my original quest for enlightenment:

How would one describe the non-mankind kind of  life-form contemplated on the payroll ?

Let us heed the wise warning about thinking too intensively.

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

Where the hell is this idiot Minister of Basic Education?!

PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


Angie Motshekga is a South African politician, appointed Minister of Basic Education in 2009. She has been a lecturer at the University of the Witwatersrand and at the Soweto College of Education. She has also been president of the African National Congress Women's League.

In reply toRe: msg 4

From: Harold27Z


Just when you think the stupidity could not get any worse ....

01 ) Former head of state said all problems started with the arrival of Whites in 1652.  

02 )  1838-12-16, sixteen thousand Mfekane battle-trained Zulu impi warriors surrounded 470 civillian farmers of my tribe (mostly women and kids) to repeat their savage massacres at Bloukrans and Weenen.  Yet the current head of state said my tribe "murdered" 3000 of the attackers.  The rest fled without waiting their turn.

03 ) Provincial Minster for Education Senzo Mchunu blamed Dr Verwoerd for making Maths and Science difficult, but he did not clarify how best to simplify those subjects.  Lo and behold, previously mentioned  Basic Education minister provided the solution saying school exams should have a pass mark of zero because results are not a true reflection of intelligence.  No doubt her IQ is off the scales.

04 ) A defence minster said tanks and other vehicles should be painted red or blue because last year (2019) they mislaid 74 camouflaged vehicles and could not find them again".   Pity no satellite tracking was installed.

05 ) Police General Kehila Sithole told parliament: "Whites brought crime to SA by bringing things they knew we would be tempted to steal, just to make us look bad".

06 ) Comrade Baleke Mbete reported "if the colonialists didn't bring electricity, we would not have "load-shedding" (euphemism for power-cut  BLACK-outs). 

07 ) Ambassador to Denmark - Zindzi Mandela tweeted (Heart transplant pioneer) "Chris Bernard learnt the basics of heart surgery from his black gardener".

08 ) During a drought, a Queenstown council comrade said  "The apartheid regime built the dams (reservoirs) so big they take along time to fill.  You should have built them smaller, they would fill quicker and we would have plenty water and never run out".

09 ) A nameless parliamentary comrade blamed and claimed: "Whites were depleting the sun by using solar energy panels".

10 ) Minister for Agriculture said Our forefathers wore animal skins because SA was not this cold ... and White man's gadgets brought cold fronts".

11 )  Minister Nzamande introduced "a new breathalizer which would detect the amount of blood in your alcohol within 10 minutes".

12 ) Deputy minster for Tourism said: "I do not have a problem with poaching as long as do it with the right papers.  Poachers need to be licensed".

13 ) A Navy spokesman said the purpose of the three state of the art submarines (costing billions) was to scare sharks away from swimmers at the beach.

14 ) How about a ribbon-cutting ceremony for an outside toilet ?

15 ) How about TOILET INSTRUCTIONS at train stations ?


You could not make it up.  Nor could I make it up, all by myself.   So I did not bother.

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Jenifer (Zarknorph)
Harold27Z said:


Which one?

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

Just goes to show that education and wisdom are not the same thing.

Jenifer (Zarknorph)
Harold27Z said:

Basic Education minister provided the solution saying school exams should have a pass mark of zero because results are not a true reflection of intelligence.

Actually, that is fair.

The only time exams exist in your life is at school.

One mark on one test taken on one day does not reflect everything you learned in a year.

Especially if you have anxiety attacks before an exam.

If that exam is a standard (say) English test, given to every 17 year old in the country - what happens if your class had a crappy English teacher?

That happened to us in grade 8 (13 years).  The ENTIRE class failed!

A representative of the education board came into our class and yelled at us all for being stupid.

No one was brave enough to speak up.