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Coronavirus   World Wide WTF?

Started 3/31/20 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 31787 views.

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The source is in my comment:  Visual Capitalist and apparently VC's source is the CDC.  


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It's interesting to see in precisely measured figures just how useless and awful the corporate media is:

The incredible vanishing World Health Organization - Cockburn, The Spectator, 12 October 2020

‘Lockdowns just have one consequence that you must never ever belittle, and that is making poor people an awful lot poorer’

... Cockburn was waiting eagerly for the press’s response to Nabarro’s claims (thanks to the mass cancellation of events, ‘waiting eagerly’ is a top diversion in these times). An expert at the world’s premier health organization calling into doubt the controversial centerpiece of an enormously-costly response to a virus that has proven far less deadly than initially feared? That should be stupendous argument fodder, at least. All year, leaders have ritualistically invoked Science as a justification for their actions. How will they respond to Science reaching conclusions that don’t allow elites to relax at home while collecting a safe salary and accumulating power?

It turns out, they just don’t respond at all. Per its website’s search feature, the New York Times has produced 675 pieces of writing in the past week mentioning ‘coronavirus’. Somehow, it couldn’t find the time for a single mention of Nabarro’s announcement. The Washington Post was even worse, with almost 1,600 ‘coronavirus’ mentions in the past week but not a single instance of Nabarro’s name.

But I suppose no one should be surprised that Jeff Bezos' Washington Post mentioned 'coronavirus' 1,600 times last week without a word from the WHO's Dr. Nabarro.   Bezos and all the giant corporate monopolists love the lockdowns.   While their small business competition is failing, they are experiencing record sales.

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The Palestinian number two Saeb Erekat has been hospitalized in Israelis Haddassah Hospital in Jerusalem where he is fighting for his life with COVID 19 and other issues 

This is despite the fact the PA severed ties with Israel earlier this year . 

The hospital is fighting for his life



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the new wing of the hospital it was all gifted from the USA

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