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Covid - Misinformation is death   World Wide WTF?

Started 4/24/20 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 46553 views.
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From: Johneeo


Been a while, so I thought that I would stop by to get the latest scientific info on Chop Suey Fluey Two EE.
Everything they have been telling us in the USA is total bullshit, but I see you Aussies have come to grips with the fact 
that we are all GONNA DIE!

Since the vaccines do not work, we have invented a new disease and we call it the Delta Variant.  Realistically, there is no
such thing, but, we need something to blame for the failure of our vaccines.  We are ready to launch the Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, 
Hotel, etc.

I am sure you have been concerned about me in my absence (nope, not dead yet), but, I have managed to stay disease free by smoking like a chimney
drinking excessive quantities of alcohol, and exposing myself to like minded people as myself.  

I do have to admit, I have no concern for the deranged human lunatics of Australia, but I do have concerns for all the innocent kangaroos
and dingoes.  How are they doing?

So, how have you been?  Did you get the Chop Suey Fluey?  Did you get vaccinated?  Do you still lust for my loins?


Jenifer (Zarknorph)

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I'm trying to think how long it has been.

Certainly well before SCROTUS was booted out of the White House on his lying, flabby, tangerine ass.

Were you at the sad excuse for a coup, or did you accept reality?

No COVID here.  We're actually keeping it at bay in our state.  We have snap lockdowns that go for about 5 days if a couple of cases arise.  Short term pain, for long term gain.  But because we have no discernible cases, we can't get vaccine shipments in.  I doubt I'll get my first shot this year.

I've been drinking just as heavily, but I quit smoking in 2020 - stupidest year to choose to do it, but I did.  Been over a year.  I have a vape pen (no nicotine) that I have a couple of puffs a day on just for the dopamine hit, and I still crave the odd cigarette.

Are you still working, or have you retired?

Still arming yourself for the coming civil war?  What's in your arsenal now?  Given the Dems are trying to help ease the burden of student loan debt, I'd say a bazooka.