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Race Protests in the US   America - all of it

Started 5/30/20 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 22871 views.

From: CzoeMC


I watched the entire memorial service for Mr. George Floyd. It was heartbreaking. The systemic racism in America (and the rest of the world, may I dare say), has to stop. But it won't be easy.

Especially with racist people in charge of the government.


From: CzoeMC


Well, yes, that was very unfortunate. Calmness would be the best advice, but maybe people are too upset to be calm. Don't blame them, but it is not helpful.

Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


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Jenifer (Zarknorph)

Now THAT'S A statement!


From: katiek2


The clearing of Lafayette Park was ordered to be done by Barr early in the morning.  Why it wasn't done is anyone's guess.  NO ONE ordered an immediate clearing of the area so Trump could take a walk across the street.  The "photo op" was intended to show solidarity with the peaceful protests, but you don't see this in the media, do you?  No, it's "Trump taking a photo op".  So, why bother even reading.  Your mind is already made up.

Don't know why I bothered to post.  It wouldn't matter what political side one is on.  Everyone only believes what is politically correct for them.  

Jenifer (Zarknorph)


There will always be two sides to this while division thrives in the US.

His supporters will see him holding a bible in front of a damaged church as a sign of solidarity.

But he could have waited until the curfew was in place.

Or inspected it the next morning.

He could have asked the St John's reverend what he thought, and if he would like to meet with him.

In the end, tear gas (or smoke bombs), rubber bullets and heavily armed troops were deployed to clear a path by force so a man could stand in front of a church holding up a bible.  Is this a Christian thing to do?

This is not my opinion of what happened.  This all went out live on TV.

This is an eyewitness account.

Just listen to her.  Please.

Reverend describes being pushed out from church for Trump photo-op

Rev. Gini Gerbasi, the rector at St. John's Episcopal Church of Georgetown, said she was at the scene when police fired smoke canisters and pepper balls to d...


From: katiek2


The black population is roughly 13% of the nation's population.  Do you really believe the nation as a whole is OK with the rioting and looting that these large crowds degenerated into?  Do you really believe that, as one looter said "this isn't looting, we're owed this" as she carted armloads of stuff from the store that was being destroyed by her peaceful brethren?  Do you really believe that 87% of the nation is going to approve and validate  "peaceful" protests every time a minority is misused by the police.  Where are the protests when a white person suffers the same fate, or do you believe that never happens?  Finally, do you really believe the answer to racial injustice is to get rid of the police entirely?  Do you really believe that a black person committing a crime should not be arrested or held to account for that crime, simply because he is black?  Yes, black lives matter.  So do all other lives.  For the majority of Americans, no, not just Americans, I would bet the majority of populations worldwide, what we are witnessing right now only reinforces prejudice, it does not help get rid of it.

BTW, once the police are defunded, who do you intend to call when trouble finds you?

I would really like to hear some well thought out answers to these questions, not just political commentary.  


From: bml00


IF people took time to look back to the so called glorious days of Obama the very same calls the very same events were taking place 

Half the people could not abide Obama now half can’t abide Trump , each group sought photo ops cartoons racist views to portray the leader as this that or the other 

These unfolding riots go way beyond the killing of Floyd , until law and order is restored all we are getting are political useless sound bites