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Times are Changing in the New Middle East    Africa and the Middle East

Started Jun-1 by bml00; 61 views.

From: bml00


gainst the backdrop of the global coronavirus pandemic, with a recession looming, and riots disrupting the peace in the United States, good news doesn't often make headlines. But that is exactly what the Middle East, an area that is no stranger to bad news, is experiencing.

A United Arab Emirates cargo plane made its historic first landing in Israel last week. Persian Gulf sheikdoms are granting increased freedoms to their Jewish communities, and no one keeps these warming ties a secret anymore.

Israel is also bolstering its ties with Muslim countries to its west, as expressed by telephone calls last week between Prime Minister Netanyahu and the leaders of Chad and Sudan – the latter until recently an enemy of Israel. Despite what the media may tell you, Israel is further strengthening its relations with Saudi Arabia and Jordan, mostly at the expense of the problematic actors in the region: Turkey and the Palestinians.

Those who follow the geopolitical dynamics of the region are not surprised by these recent developments.

Since Donald Trump entered the White House in 2016, and especially since h
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