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Black Lies Matter   America - all of it

Started 8/12/20 by Apollonius (Theocritos); 28531 views.

Crime roaring twenties - Steve Sailer, Taki's Magazine, 12 August 2020

... With crime roaring back this summer, it’s worth pointing out that the Bureau of Justice Statistics numbers show that there really was a Ferguson Effect during the first Black Lives Matter era in the last two years of the Obama presidency:

The murder rate (including non-negligent manslaughter) in the U.S. rose 23% from 2014 to 2016…. There were 3,249 more murders…in the U.S. in 2016 than in 2014….

That was by far the biggest two-year growth in murders since at least 1980, dwarfing even the notorious crack wars around 1990.

Fortunately, the number of homicides appears to have fallen about 11 percent during the first two and a half years of the Trump presidency. (We only have preliminary data for the first half of 2019; the FBI normally would release the results for all of 2019 in late September of 2020, yet who knows what will happen this year…)

But we’ve probably lost all that progress and more since the Establishment decided to encourage rioters to run amok after Floyd’s death on Memorial Day.

Also, unsurprisingly, the first round of Black Lives Matter killed a disproportionate number of blacks:

There were 1,834 more murders (including non-negligent manslaughter) of black persons in the U.S. in 2016 than in 2014….

Another way of looking at this: The incremental number of blacks murdered in the first three years of the Black Lives Matter movement was greater than the total number of blacks lynched in U.S. history 3,446).

Steve Sailor???

The VDARE guy from way back when???


Why should anybody even care what this white supremacist has to say?

Why would you even quote him? 



Can't you find some obscure guy whose name we don't recognize?

There's got to be zillions of white supremacists out there that nobody here has ever heard of.

And all you can come up with is that old VDARE guy?

Those who are fully indoctrinated into PC woke culture won't like Steve Sailer.

I happen to think he's one of the best writers currently active on the subject of race relations in the U.S.   It's not that his views are absolutely right and of course his style is not going to go over well with folks like you.  However, he is a master of statistical analysis.

Sailer also writes a lot of good movie reviews and is one of the best sports commentators going (especially for people like me, who don't generally have much interest in the subject; he covers it from a sufficiently anthropological and sociological point of view for me to find it worthwhile).

> "I happen to think he's one of the best writers currently active on the subject of race relations in the U.S."

Of course you do. You've no doubt had that view of him for a couple of decades, now. 

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Our BLM jihadis - David Cole, Taki's Magazine, 18 August 2020

... Last month, “Afro-Latinx” singer-actress Naya Rivera drowned while swimming in Lake Piru in Ventura County, Calif. Rivera had grown up in the area; the lake was not unfamiliar to her. It was an accident, and nothing more. Still, a black life was “taken,” so a petition was created to “cancel” Lake Piru.

“Lake Piru needs to go down. Now and forever. It’s taken too many lives,” brayed signatory Erin Jordan. “Naya Rivera and others deserve fucking justice. Nobody deserves to fucking drown or possibly be dead bc of this river,” bellowed Linnell Lilliston. Other comments: “Shut this shit down please.” “The lake shouldn’t have the right to be open anymore.” “Shut this place down!!!” “This lake is very dangerous and a threat to people. Not a single death more.” “This place should be drained.” “Use it for drinking water or drain it completely.” “Shut down Lake Piru for good.”

Many of the 4,400 signatories simply chimed in with “justice NOW!” or “where’s the justice?” or “we need justice!”


A step up from demanding justice from a lake is demanding it from a tree. I mean, at least trees are living organisms. Robert Fuller was a crazy-ass black man in Palmdale, Calif. (well, to be fair, all of him was crazy, not just his ass). Beset by mental illness, the poor bastard hanged himself from a tree outside the Palmdale City Hall on June 10. Fuller had a history of auditory hallucinations, institutionalization, psychotic outbursts, and suicide attempts. He used his EBT [*] card to buy the rope he employed in the hanging (from a Dollar Tree, noch). It was an open-and-shut suicide, but in the fantasy world of BLM, it was a “lynching,” and hundreds of angry protesters besieged city hall for days on end, chanting, yelling, and at one point attacking the sheriff’s department, pounding on doors and walls, screaming for “justice.”

Eventually the mob decided that the only way to extract that justice was to kill the tree. Now, the idea of executing a tree for a hate crime might seem funny to you, but it must be remembered that the average tree is the intellectual superior of the average BLM thug. Brian Hashimoto, a far-left local artist and photographer who offers his services pro bono to BLM in order to “amplify melanated voices” (he states that with deadly seriousness on his website), documented the attempted vigilante justice against the genocidal tree (again, speaking without a hint of awareness of how insane the situation was):

Electronic benefit transfer (EBT) is an electronic system that allows state welfare departments to issue benefits via a magnetically encoded payment card used in the United States.


From: jra2750


So then:  If One doesn't 'buy' the BLM movement One is automatically a racist.

Apparently there R no ifs/ands/buts to a conversation about race.  I think U People want dialog that agrees with your viewpoints.  I see.  


From: slackerx


Is your post somehow related to Steve Sailor? That old white supremacist VDARE dude?

Or was this a misspost?

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Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


Do they want to drain the lake?

Fill it with cement?

Do they want to drain the lake?

Fill it with cement?

I believe they are trying to contract either david copperfield, or a few mafia hit men, to make it simply 'disappear'!

I spent a day in Corleone Italy. (Town the Godfather came from in the movie) The town where pickpockets don't get arrested, they simply disappear...........