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Black Lies Matter   America - all of it

Started 8/12/20 by Apollonius (Theocritos); 28105 views.

Do they want to drain the lake?

Fill it with cement?

I believe they are trying to contract either david copperfield, or a few mafia hit men, to make it simply 'disappear'!

I spent a day in Corleone Italy. (Town the Godfather came from in the movie) The town where pickpockets don't get arrested, they simply disappear...........


From: CamGeary


Apollonius (Theocritos) said...

“amplify melanated voices”

Wow, what a shithead! (Not you, Apollonius, but the idiot who made that ludicrous boast)

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Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


Make Dems Cry Again 2020! (bobrazz) said:

I believe they are trying to contract either david copperfield, or a few mafia hit men, to make it simply 'disappear'!

That would be cool to watch.

The magic show, not the mafia hit.

That would be cool to watch.

The magic show, not the mafia hit.

Why not both? Here in las vegas, for a price, you can go to the range and shoot almost any machine gun in use today. Come visit.


From: CamGeary


Make Dems Cry Again 2020! (bobrazz) said...

not the mafia hit.

Why not? A rare opportunity to watch professionals in action...

Which was my response to jen's nonsense in bold italics.

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“Black lives matter most,” says lauded medical doctor - David Cole, Taki's Magazine, 25 August 2020

Last week, a physician declared on network TV that black lives matter more than other lives, and nobody cared. Nobody batted an eye. After months of activists, entertainers, sports stars, and politicians prioritizing black lives over white ones, we’ve grown so used to it, no one even notices when that point of view is expressed by someone actually entrusted with human lives.

Welcome to the asylum, where we no longer care that the doctors are as crazy as the inmates.

Dr. Brian Richardson is a urologist and chief of robotic and minimally invasive surgery at Jackson Hospital in Montgomery, Ala. He took his residency at Tulane, and he’s a member of the American Urological Association. Along with colleague  Dr. Jeff Nix (a Birmingham urologic oncologist), Richardson (who is white) hatched a brilliant idea: Doctors should start wearing black scrubs because apparently blacks are such tiny-minded creatures, the mere sight of a white person wearing a black piece of clothing makes them exclaim with joy, “That look like me! Him wear me color! Him friend, him cares. Me feel proud and happy.”

In normal times, such arrogant condescension would be considered racist. In 2020, it’s called “allyship.”

Dr. Richardson has called on all medical professionals in America to wear black scrubs in a “show of unity” on Aug. 28, the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Because, if I’m not mistaken, King stressed the importance of judging people by the color of their clothing.

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The social construction of black self-destruction - Steve Sailer, Taki's Magazine, 26 August 2020

... As I pointed out in my last column  summarizing federal crime statistics, the simplest explanation for why blacks get in trouble with the police so much is because on average they commit such an extraordinary amount of crime, especially murder.

According to the FBI, blacks, who make up 13.4 percent of the general population, comprised 54.9 percent of known murder offenders in 2018, an astonishing 7.9 times the nonblack rate.

(Strikingly, although the best justification for a police shooting is to prevent a murder, blacks made up only 26.4 percent of those killed by the police over the past half decade. Our society is not much interested in asking: When nonblacks perpetrate only 45 percent of murders, why are nonblacks almost 74 percent of the victims of police killings? Why are cops killing nonblacks at a clip so much higher than their homicide rate? Do Nonblack Lives Matter?)

Clearly, in the heat of the moment, too many blacks make really awful decisions with dire long-term consequences. For example, too many black guys tend to come up with the following plan when cops try to arrest them: I’ll just resist, if necessary fight the cops, maybe shoot them, and then speed off. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen? That strategy works in Grand Theft Auto, doesn’t it? If I just lie low, the cops will forget about it, right?

Why do blacks tend to be worse decision-makers than other races when it comes to crime and violence?

Steve Sailer has always believed that part of the answer involves inherited characteristics, whether genetic, epigenetic, or simply cultural traits handed down through the generations.  

Without getting into causes at all, though, one does wonder why when three quarters (3/4) of police killings are of non-blacks we never hear about them in the mainstream media.  Has there ever been a riot when a police officer killed a white man?