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Black Lies Matter   America - all of it

Started Aug-12 by Apollonius (Theocritos); 12729 views.

The Martin-Zimmerman case was what turned me against the corporate media.

CNN and the New York Times always thrived with foreign conflict.  My own pet theory is that they decided there was now more money in inciting violence within the country that outside it.

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Another statistical analysis by Steve Sailer, who goes through the sometimes tedious work of getting at crime data reported by the FBI and other agencies.

Violent victimizations - Steve Sailer, Taki's Magazine, 28 October 2020

With the conventional wisdom increasingly prejudiced and extremist on the question of who are the Good Guys and who are the Bad Guys, how much longer can we expect the federal government to collect and publish objective crime statistics by race? After all, nothing undermines The Narrative more than official numbers about who are the real victims.

Would a Biden administration make it harder for citizens to access data on crimes committed by blacks versus whites?

This may sound paranoid, but there is precedent. Back during the Bush administration, the federal Bureau of Justice Statistics posted homicide count graphs online in convenient HTML format that made them easy to cite in online debates. Under the Obama administration, however, that was deep-sixed and only the much more awkward PDF format remained. PDFs are fine for people like me willing to read thirty-page reports to find one key data point, but they are pretty useless for informing the general public.

As it is, virtually nobody knows the contents of these PDFs, and even fewer dare mention them in public despite the crucial perspective they shed on this year’s anti-police and antiwhite propaganda. With Philadelphia now being looted to defend the black man’s inalienable right to resist arrest, it might be useful to clue the public in to these official numbers.

People on the left assume that if The Science ever reported anything politically incorrect, the respectable media would have already informed them of that fact. And people on the right assume that all social science studies support the left, because that’s what the left keeps telling them.

In reality, however, the degree to which social science research vindicates deplorable stereotypes is shocking to all but the best-informed, as a glance at the newly released National Criminal Victimization Survey results for 2019 demonstrates.

I pointed out recently that the other main set of annual crime data, the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting from local law enforcement, shows that the old stereotype of blacks being extraordinarily homicide-prone is not only true but get
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Jenifer (Zarknorph)
Apollonius (Theocritos) said:

CNN and the New York Times always thrived with foreign conflict. My own pet theory is that they decided there was now more money in inciting violence within the country that outside it.

Or perhaps they had simply been ignoring it for too long?

Can't tell what you're getting at.

Yes, the media ignores the violence of the black community.  They've been doing that forever.  Since Martin-Zimmerman the narrative has been that white people are murdering them left, right, and centre.

In actual fact, it's completely reverse of that.  Interracial violent crime is overwhelmingly perpetrated by black men.  

Jenifer (Zarknorph)
Apollonius (Theocritos) said:

Yes, the media ignores the violence of the black community. They've been doing that forever. Since Martin-Zimmerman the narrative has been that white people are murdering them left, right, and centre.

That was kinda my point.  It's like reports of shootings every day are irrelevant until it happens to school children.

Black people getting shot every day didn't matter until white vigilantes started doing it.

Then they started paying attention to the cops doing it.

Apollonius (Theocritos) said:

In actual fact, it's completely reverse of that. Interracial violent crime is overwhelmingly perpetrated by black men.

Perhaps.  I'd need to see the data.

The very first post to this thread gives you the data in detail, mostly from FBI statistics.

In my post from Oct. 30 Steve Sailer uses additional data points and updated figures, confirming that black on non-black violent crime is actually the majority of interracial violent crime, despite blacks being greatly outnumbered by whites, and now even Hispanics.  

The other narrative, the line promoted by progressives and the media that cops are targeting blacks is also the opposite of the truth.  Proportionately to arrests (or attempted arrests) whites are killed more often than blacks.  Black men also kill many, many times more cops than cops kill civilian blacks.

Your media depends on you not being literate or numerate.  It seems that in your case, as in so many others, they're right to be confident that the public cannot read and cannot do basic arithmetic.

Here is what the media ignores:

Police departments should work incessantly to minimize the number of times officers feel compelled to use deadly force, but police shootings are not the main problem afflicting urban black communities; criminal violence is. Wallace’s life mattered, yes—but so did the lives of the dozens of black children killed in drive-by shootings since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis in late May 2020. The Democratic and media establishments have been virtually silent about those shootings, even amid their skyrocketing numbers.

A sampling of just some of those incidents, including non-child cases, over the last four months follows:

On October 23, a three-year-old boy was shot twice in Southwest Philadelphia.

In Baltimore, a 12-year-old boy was shot on October 21; the man standing next to him was killed. That same afternoon, a 16-year-old boy was killed and the 12-year-old boy with him was shot. The 16-year-old was the fifth teenager killed in Baltimore over the previous two weeks.

On October 13, a 35-year-old probation officer who was eight months pregnant was fatally shot in the back outside of her home on the Far South Side of Chicago.

On October 10, a 16-year-old boy turned Lake Shore Drive in Chicago into a “shooting gallery,” according to the police, shooting out the eye of a 19-year-old girl in a nearby car.

On October 8, a 51-year-old bus driver in Baltimore reprimanded a couple for getting on his bus without paying. The female grabbed the driver’s backpack and ran off. The bus driver gave chase; the male opened fire and continued pumping bullets into the driver as he lay on the ground, killing him.

In Sacramento, a nine-year-old girl was killed on October 3 during a family gathering in a park. Her six-year-old cousin and aunt were also shot. Two hours later, a 17-year-old crashed into a pole after being fatally shot. Shortly thereafter, a 17-year-old girl was shot.

On October 2, a 14-year-old girl was shot from a passing car in the West Englewood section of Chicago while standing on a sidewalk. The 35-year-old man standing next to her was killed.

On September 26, a 15-year-old boy was fatally shot in the head on the Far West Side of Chicago.

A three-year-old boy in Orlando was fatally shot in the head while playing in his living room on September 22, when a passing car sprayed bullets at the front door and windows of the home. The day before, a 14-year-old boy in the same neighborhood was killed with a shot to his head while he was sitting on his front porch. A fifteen-year-old next to him was critically wounded.

On September 21, a one-year-old boy in Kansas City, Mo., was killed when someone walked up to the car in which he was riding and riddled it with bullets. The victim, Tyron Patton, was among the 13 children who had been killed in shootings through late September in Kansas City.

Five people were shot on September 19 when two cars sped down a street on the South Side of Chicago, spraying bullets across a sidewalk, onto a porch, and inside a home. That same day, a gunman opened fire on a group of men in West Englewood before escaping down an alley. Four people were hit.

A 15-year-old girl was shot to death in St. Louis on September 15.

That same day, gunfire broke out on Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago; the suspects fled in a car then crashed into three other cars.

A man on house arrest for a gun case opened fire on September 12 at a family he had just met on the West Side of Chicago. He killed two people and wounded another three.

On September 11, a 14-year-old boy was killed in a drive-by shooting in Northeast Baltimore, part of a burst of violence that killed 12 people and wounded another 45 over six days.

On September 10, a female mail carrier on the Far South Side of Chicago was fatally shot in the head, abdomen, legs, and buttocks by occupants of a car speeding down the street.

On September 9, an 11-year-old girl in Bethlehem, Pa., was shot in the face answering a knock on the back doo
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I sincerely doubt whether the BBC or ABC or the Guardian covered any of these murders.   And this is just a sampling, highlighting drive-by shootings and the killing of children, not that this long list is anywhere near complete.

And the received opinion in the academy and the media and among progressive politicians is that this is caused by 'racism'.   

Here's the article that list is from:

A grim—and ignored—body count - Heather Mac Donald, City Journal, 2 November 2020

The problem in the American inner city is not racism but drive-by shootings of blacks by other blacks.

... These drive-by shootings are happening virtually exclusively in African-American neighborhoods, taking a toll on black children that would be inconceivable if white children were involved. If dozens of white children had been murdered over the summer, it would be a national scandal, accompanied by demands for radical protection measures. Likewise, if even a handful of black children had been killed by whites, the uproar over white supremacy would dwarf anything seen to date.

Instead, since the black children’s assailants are presumed to be black themselves, the country looks away, lest it be accused of a taboo attention to black crime.

Anti-cop activists and many academics claim that racial crime disparities are simply a product of racist police deployment. Cops are oversaturated in African-American neighborhoods, the activists argue (ignoring the pleas for help from community residents). Once there, officers discover the same crimes that go undetected in white communities.

But the bodies don’t lie. Blacks between the ages of ten and 43 die of homicide at 13 times the rate of whites, according to the CDC, thanks to comparably high rates of violence. If whites were being mowed down in drive-by shootings, we would have heard about it.

Yet in a bizarre non sequitur, as the corpses pile up and the cultural breakdown fueling the shootings bleeds out into riots, looting, and an open season on police officers, the national conversation in the mainstream media and among Democratic politicians for the last five months has focused exclusively on white supremacy. The white psyche has been prodded and parsed and declared constituted by racism. College-educated whites have been packing themselves off to white-privilege trainings and confessing their racism in public-apology sessions, even as the evidentiary basis for that ubiquitous white racism charge has become increasingly fantastical. The elite consensus has been unbroken: the only problem worth paying attention to in the black community is the lethal effects of white bigotry.

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

That is a messed up list.

It should be reported on, you are right.

If a single one of those incidents happened in my country it would lead the news.

But... I live in a country that has a different relationship to guns.


From: slackerx


> "Steve Sailer, "

That same old white supremacist from VDARE?



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