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Black Lies Matter   America - all of it

Started Aug-12 by Apollonius (Theocritos); 12731 views.

The media absolutely will not publish stories about black crime.   Usually the only place you hear about it is in local newspapers (or what's left of that) on page C2.   

Dozens and dozens of black children mowed down by drive-by black shooters and nary a mention by the networks.

Another sample:

The day the music died - Taki, Taki's Magazine, 7 November 2020

Back when people used to read newspapers, they called it a “human interest” story; now it appears as just another statistic. The utter drivel expressed daily by the know-nothings in social media will have ignored it, but for a dreaded Biden sheet that actually published the story: A young Japanese man came over to the Bagel from Tokyo to make it as a jazz pianist, and that he did. He started a trio of his own and toured with several bands until the fateful night of Sept. 27, when he rode the New York subway after a video shoot. Tadataka Unno is now 40 years old and a new father, but he most likely will never play an instrument as a professional again.

Coming off the subway at 135th Street, the Japanese musician was suddenly surrounded by a group of young people, as the participants in the vicious encounter were described. Like in the U.K., the media over here do not describe criminals by their race or ethnicity. Only whites are described as such in a felonious dispute. The so-called young people beat the young Japanese musician for no known reason, fracturing his right collarbone, injuring his arm, and rendering his right hand useless. He now uses his left hand only, and the fuzz has made no arrests, although the beating was all on camera. Throughout the ordeal he was called a Chinese motherf—er. “Young people” beating some stranger nowadays is hardly a crime the cops will bother with in Harlem, thanks to Mayor de Blasio’s and Governor Cuomo’s woke liberal policies. Why bother to arrest anyone who will walk after ten minutes, is the police thinking. Bail for lesser crimes than murder such as looting is no longer required, perpetrators simply have their names taken down, are given a future court date, and are free to walk.

Tadataka has lived in Harlem for twelve years. His mother had repeatedly warned against his move because of the dangers involved when living in a dump like New York City. But this is where jazz piano thrives and where the apparently very gentle Tada settled. He was very popular with his fellow musicians, or ex–fellow musicians, I should note. Readers of this column are familiar with the affection and admiration I hold for Japanese people. They are brave, tough, clean, and extremely polite; but most important of all, they cherish their ancestors and respect traditions. They are the exact opposite of the scummy cowards who attacked him, eight against one being the kind of odds so admired by Hollywood war movies. Oh yes, I almost forgot, there were lots of bystanders during the attack, but not a single one came forward to help. This is the Noo Yawk we all love so much, the city of legend that never sleeps, a place inhabited by cowards, criminals, freeloaders, and freaks, as far as I’m concerned.

Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


2020 Latest: Biden is 46th president after Pennsylvania win

That's correct. Because the guns aren't the problem. It's people.

2020 Latest: Biden is 46th president after Pennsylvania win

All of our states have certified their election results? Got a link?

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


1776 (MRCROSSROADS) said:

That's correct. Because the guns aren't the problem. It's people.


Glad you can admit that Americans are pretty screwed up.

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From last summer.  It's another statistical analysis which shows how completely contrary to facts BLM and its supporters are about violence perpetrated against black people.

Don't blame police racism for America's violence epidemic - Zaid Jilani, Quillette, 27 July 2020

... Lead researcher David Johnson, psychologist and postdoctoral fellow at the University of Maryland, led a team that analyzed police shootings in America by building a database of 917 fatal officer-involved shootings (FOIS) from over 650 different police departments in 2015. They looked at both the race of the police officers doing the shooting and the races of the individuals killed. If America had an epidemic of white-on-black police shootings, you would expect that white police officers would be more likely to shoot African Americans. But that isn’t what they found.

Instead, they found that when the data is sorted according to the race of the involved officers, “as the percentage of black officers who shot in a FOIS increased, a person fatally shot was more likely to be black…than white. As the percentage of Hispanic officers who shot in a FOIS increased, a person fatally shot was more likely to be Hispanic…than white.” It is actually more likely for black and Hispanic citizens to be killed by black and Hispanic police officers than by white officers.

Nothing exactly new here, but just one more clearly stated article giving us the facts.

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I think white progressives are particularly outraged at black guys like Whitlock.  He's got a religious outlook that they find highly objectionable.  Still, you can't argue with the history.  Blacks were making good progress-- until the Great Society welfare programs of LBJ came into effect:

Black pride religion ordained by white liberals taking black people and America straight to hell - Jason Whitlock, Outkick, 18 November 2020

The Moynihan Report was written to make the case that America should take extraordinary measures to invest in the black nuclear family. It was written as a rebuttal of President Johnson’s Great Society initiative. The Johnson administration disavowed the Moynihan Report and its author. The mainstream media spent the next several years framing Moynihan as a racist. 

Over the last 55 years, the stewards of American culture have worked to disconnect black people from our religious faith, our salvation. Black pride is our new religion. Our skin color and the degenerate behaviors white liberals have deemed as authentically black have become the hallmarks of black culture. There’s nothing blacker than repeatedly saying “nigga” in public spaces or having a baby mama/daddy or dealing drugs to survive poverty. The highest form of blackness is being a victim of racism, especially if it involves a white cop. 

According to the stewards of the zeitgeist, George Floyd is 100 times blacker than Dr. Ben Carson.  

Black entertainers are instructed to and rewarded for evangelizing for blackness and celebrating black victimhood. Being a victim of a racial slight often causes the victim to speak in tongues. Victimization is so coveted that some believers fake racial incidents and speak in forked tongues. 

Black Lives Matter is a mega church for the religion of blackness. LeBron James and Colin Kaepernick are pastors at the Nike denomination of BLM. It was James’ and Kaepernick’s responsibility to change the culture of sports from worship of God to worship of blackness.