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“He who builds walls..."   Religion

Started Oct-25 by slackerx; 268 views.

From: slackerx



Pope Francis also spoke about the construction of a border wall between the countries during the documentary. “And to build walls as if that were a defense. To defend what? Territory? The country’s economy? Or who knows what?” he says. “He who builds walls becomes a prisoner of the walls he builds.”

  • Edited October 26, 2020 2:47 pm  by  slackerx

Did he say this from his MEGA million dollar palace, which is heavily guarded with Swiss Guards? I see.

Is he welcoming the ones flooding the US Southern border over within the Vatican's border? No? Ah, okay.

You forgot to mention the gigantic wall around the Pope's own residence.

But if Biden wins everyone in America will need to build their own walls.  I suggest following the Brazilian example:   concrete with broken glass imbedded in it.   And hire a couple of sentries who know how to use firearms.

Yeah, don't you just love these Holier Than Thou hypocrites? So many demands, but they'd never do it themselves.