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Black Jews Are Tired   Religion

Started Nov-2 by slackerx; 10000 views.
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From: slackerx


bml00 said:

> "Finally the chances of any Black man ending up dead due to the Police is probably remote "

Good police work requires training. This is why we have Black Lives Matter protests in the first place.

You can train the man till his nuts drop off but faced with a life or death millisecond decision you are almost certainly going to use your own weapon if you feel threatened .

IF the Police and the Villains are equally well armed then it is down to whom is better at a given time a given moment , yes the innocent will die that is a given but the saving of Police lives is a paramount

 I really don't understand your opposition to police being better trained. What's wrong with professionalism if it means that fewer Black folks will be killed? 

Maybe we should listen to the Jews. There's a reason why the Jews are tired. 

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