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The Inevitable Civil War begins   America - all of it

Started 1/7/21 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 50123 views.

From: slackerx


slackerx said:

Hey, afronut! You're part if this Civil War, fighting on the side of the Confederate Nazis. I realize that you are afraid of Butterflies, Rainbows, and Bullshit, but if you have any courage, you'll join this discussion. You've got some support here in this thread, so don't be scared. This is your chance to object to my characterization of your position in this Civil War.

But if you do object to my characterization of your position, please read the front page of this forum reguarding Godwin's Law. Under forum rules, you could be subject to ridicule. The rules of this forum even apply to Black Men like yourself.

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From: slackerx


Let's move our discussion about the Barbarians at the gates of the USA here.

That way, we won't be hijacking the China and the Taliban thread.

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From: slackerx


Jenifer (Zarknorph) said:

The law that broke US immigration

Damn!! That Vox video was upsetting.

I haven't forgotten about your post. Just so you know. Takes time to get to things at my age. In 2006, a decade after the 1996 law, there was a massive uprising pushing back against the Confederate Nazis.

Although it took place in the USA, it was a world-wide uprising. The flags of perhaps every country on the planet was represented and flown during this uprising. Here's a retrospective story and video from 2016, a decade after the uprising occured.

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From: slackerx


Students all over the USA defied School Lockdowns (sound familiar?) to take part in the 2006 uprising. 

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From: slackerx


Today, you may hear some folks claiming that this chapter of the Civil War was meaningless, simply because nobody was storming the US Capitol and hitting Police Officers over the heads with their flags, but according to reports back in 2006, the uprising actually had meaning. 

By then, the INS had turned to ICE.


From: slackerx


Which side were you on? (video at link)

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From: slackerx


8645 (RedBV) said:

But ya see - the movement is about asylum not immigration (in and of itself) . . . 

What about Alma Castro and her husband and their two children, both US Citizens born right here in Iowa? (now adults, of course)

Didn't your wikipedia source mention her? It was in all the newspapers.

Here at Delphi we had vicious knock down drag out fights about her case back in 2003. Do you remember those fights?

And many, many other cases, as well.

It was all part of the Civil War that this country was going through at the time, and us still going thru even today.

Why do you always have such a condescending attitude? (And based on a wiki link? Seriously? 

Stop pretending like nobody here knows how to pull up a wikipedia article, and lose your condescending attitudes towards other peoples' lives, as if YOU know our lives better than WE know OUR OWN lives.

Your posts are tedious and uninteresting, which is why nobody (at least not me) even bothers to read the details nor respond to them. 

It would take a dozen posts to respond to any single post of yours adequately, and the result would be a dozen times more boring and uninteresting than your original post, and you'd just ignore it, anyway, so nobody bothers.

Your posts aren't based on any real knowledge. They are based on a bizarre mixture of bluster, lies, and fluf, with walls and walls of text that I'm certainly not about to wade thru just to find out where you hid the goal posts this time around.

I'm actually undecided as to whether or not you actually realize just how willfully and agressively ignorant your posts look to anybody who has even a smidgeon of experience in whatever topic you attempt to Pontificate about.

Trying to communicate with you is like trying to communicate with RGOSS, when it comes to willful and aggressive ignorance. (BS's and Lucidade's posts also have similar features to yours, at least once one gets past some of the other accompanying pathologies that give their posts their own rather unique characteristics.)

There is nothing wrong with ordinary ignorance. That can be cured by knowledge. (Hence, the existence of forums like this one.) But willful ignorance and aggressive ignorance is a much tougher nut to crack, especially when accompanied, as it so often is, by layers and layers of dripping condescension.

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From: slackerx


Posts #185 - #203 may or may not be spam, but if it is spam, it is spam of the very highest quality, packed densly with crutial and essential information that thousands of families were desperate to learn at one time.

RedBV may brag about the quantity of his spam (and indeed, he is hard to keep up with when he spews it out), but it is everyday spam of the lowest possible quality. It has no impact other than to hide information and cut off discussion and move the conversation sideways, because it is content-free. It doesn't make otherwise invisible information visible or induce people to think or help to move the conversation forward. 

RedBV may have managed to vomit out more spam in this thread than I did, but my spam is still better than his spam. 

Just sayin'   

Spam stems from Monty Python sketch

Ever wonder why we use the term "spam" when referring to unwanted junk e-mail? We may be able to look to Monty Python and their sketch, "Spam." -------------...

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Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


bml00 said:

so slacker without my permission brings posts from OP and again you do nothing - well done 

Can you direct me to the post, instead of being all elusive about it?


From: bml00


i sent to the examples twice did you see them ?