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January 6th Investigation   America - all of it

Started Jul-1 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 10767 views.

Been on a great vacation, totally unplugged since Friday, July 31st. 

Made my way back down to DC, quick visit, then onto the outskirts of Richmond VA, then part way across NC on 85 to the outskirts of the Raleigh/Durham area, then spent a few days in a great cabin called "Rivertime" just north of Ashville NC for a few WONDERFUL days, then up through a piece of Tennessee and into Virginia, almost WBGVA (West By God Virginia) in a small neck of the woods called "Hot Springs" for 2 days then onto the outskirts of Pittsburg and back across 76 and WHEW!!!! Home. 

Much to my surprise and amusement, saw many Trump yard signs, Trump flags and one business in Hot Springs with a Marquee sign that read "Trump is our President"... they weren't open the 2 days we were there, so I didn't get to heckle the proprietor. Aside from the fugly Trump paraphernalia, there is much beautiful country , mountains, waterfalls etc out there. 

Scenery down to Richmond was meh... bland, but no ugly Trump signs there. Didn't see sore losers displaying their sore loserdom until NC, TN, VA and western PA. The rest stops and restaurants were ripe for the fun with masks. I am vaccinated and my traveling companion is vaccinated, but we both have grandchildren under 12, so we continued with pre-vaccine precautions. I learned at a highway rest stop between Durham and Ashville how to have lots of fun with these covidiots and vaxholes. Here's how it goes. ... Walk into a rest stop (those areas along state highways where they have vending machines, rest rooms, maps and brochures of points of interest... park, put on surgical mask, cover the surgical mask with a PM2.5 mask and walk in... you can tell the Trumpidiots by their apparent amusement at the sight of a northerner walking in doublemasked. The fun began at this rest stop and I built my routine for the rest of the vacation based on this... Trumpidiot approaches me, chuckling and says "Here in North Carolina, you don't have to wear masks"... I pretended to hold back a cough as I spoke in a faked horse voice "I know sir, we don't either in PA, and I am fully vaccinated"... the Trumpidiot reacted with more amusement in his voice "Well, hell son, if you are vaccinated, why are you wearing all those masks?" I continued with my faked horse voice and let out a couple light coughs "Well, sir, I got my positive test results back yesterday *cough* and I am trying *cough* not to give it to others *cough cough*" - Big bad Trumpidiot turns pale, steps back and raises his voice "What the f*** are you doing out here exposing everyone???" - I coughed again and said "I am just exercising my rights as an American enjoying my freedom *cough cough* and I have to piss" and I walked into the mens room. Did my business and came out... nobody was anywhere near where we had the conversation. I suspect he announced that a contagious covid carrier was in the mens room. 

The routine got better, the best one was in a grocery store near Rivertime called "Ingles". Nice store, very large. Lots of people.. unmasked people. We stocked up on groceries for the stay at the cabin and at the counter, I faked weakness and my sweetie asked "are you OK?" I said "yes, but I think the fever the doctor warned me about is setting in" - Both the cashier and the customers crowding us from behind in line heard that, the cashier said "Oh, are you sick sir?" I said "well, I am going to be OK, I am vaccinated, but I tested positive for covid" - The unmasked cashier stepped as far back as she could without leaving her post. My sweetied quietly "tsk"ed me and I turned and the customers behind me were struggling to get back, but they had customers behind them crowding them. All of a sudden, just like that, they wanted space. We got into the car, took our masks off and laughed harder than we've laughed in a long time. 

More importantly than the fun with covidiots, we saw the top of the mountain that claims to the the tallest east of the Mississippi (their claim, not mine), but it was pretty awesome. And one of the most beautiful water falls I ever saw was just a few minutes before Hot Springs on state highway 220. If you can either ignore the Trump signs or have fun with them, I highly recommend areas around Ashville NC and Hot Springs VA. As for Richmond and Pittsburg areas, not much to report there. 

Back to the first stop, Washington DC, it appears supporters of the Jan 6 Anti-American/Anti-Constitution rioters are meeting there in September to show their solidarity for poor poor victims of law and order. I think September 18. Now I gotta log onto my work computer, clean up a zillion emails and figure out if I have enough PTO time to go back for some more of the fun times I had in late December and Early January. As of my vacation start time, remote work was ending the first week of September. 

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

Absolutely brilliant!! You need to get the missus to film this and put it on line.

Well, she laughed and I believe she enjoyed it, but does not fully approve of the trolling activity. She's afraid I will upset the wrong people. She has a point, but sometimes I just can't help myself. 

Although I had fun with it, it's a crappy situation and really pisses me off that so many people are so calloused about covid safety... until, suddenly, they think they are breathing distance from someone who claims to be "positive" - Truth is, and I hope they realize it after dealing we me, that ANYONE of their fellow unmasked, unvaccinated, undistanced people could secretly or unknowingly be spreading it. 

I am (sadly) choosing to stay away from our under 12 grandkids until Thursday, I will take a test to ensure I am not really positive five full days after the trip. I have to, I care more about the under 12s in my life than they care about the under 12s in theirs. 

PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


I missed this diatribe. Both brilliant and thoughtful!

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

I thought you posted it somewhere here.

PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


In part of my alternate universe!

But no - not "guilty"

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


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Jenifer (Zarknorph)


From: CzoeMC


Hilarious!!!  And yet sad.

I have never been questioned about continuing to wear a mask in public indoors, while vaccinated, though we get "The Look".

Hubby and I must emulate you both for our mutual amusement!

So true that they care less, until it coughs in their face.

A new reality: Shunned while vaxed and masked.

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