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Decentering Whiteness   World Wide WTF?

Started 8/15/21 by el gringo (ramseylurker); 14123 views.
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8645 (RedBV) said...

where have I given any indication that I wish to discuss anything with him

Just for fun, I did a couple of searches here in this forum.

RedBV has posted to slackerx 78 times, and to ramseylurker 51 times.

I didn't bother to search for how many times he's mentioned me and my cousins, but there have been a few of those, also.

As for his link above, I skimmed that particular thread, and found that RedBV called BS "my dear Nazi simpathizer" or similar in post numbers 68, 73, 74, 76 (in a post to slacker), 93, 99, 118 (three times), 119, 219, 264, 265, 280, 303, 347, 526, 529, 533, and 542. (I may have missed a few.) And that's just in a single thread that was chosen by him to illustrate the problem.

Now, just to add a little color to my post...

Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Video)

SamT (ZavraD)

From: SamT (ZavraD)


A member of another forum recommended some forums. I am checking them out. I feel for you as a single mod. With a background as a moderator, and with a military background, may I suggest a few rules for you to follow that will make your life as a mod more pleasant?

Don't explain or argue. Never, never, ever.

  1. First offense just post, "That's one, read the start page."
  2. Second offense, just post, "That's two. there won't be a third."
  3. Third offense, just bring the hammer down, and post nothing.

IMHO, don't modify those simple rules until you have a year on the job.

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


Hello Sam.

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

Your profile is outstandingly hilarious.

Thanks for the advice.


From: SquaddyB


Hello Sam.


I have a suggestion - why don't you stick your head up your ass and see if it fits!

You haven't a clue what went down before you stuck your nose in!

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