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Gun people live in fear... of cameras   America - all of it

Started Oct-16 by David Finkel(ish) (mahjong54); 150 views.

Afraid of the camera: 
Gun store:
Gun repair Shop:
Gun store and indoor range:
A return to a previous gun store, hoping they'd have learned and grown - NOPE:

Not afraid of the camera: 
Security company, Constellas, formerly "Blackwater":
Jay walkers, Federal Court House, US Patent and Trademark Office, stop sign runners and Carlisle Group:
More jay walkers:

Also not afraid of the cameras, but have not yet published the videos: 
- Fairfax County Police
- Oil Pipeline and storage area (Lorton/Springfield area)
- Predatory tow truck companies with impounded cars
- Business parks (Oh, wait, I have one) - There was one concerned citizen, but he didn't freak out, he just confirmed with security.