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BP Blasted At UN For Killing Mexicans   World Wide WTF?

Started Jul-5 by Humpty Dumpty (ricardomath); 171 views.

Border Patrol Blasted At UN For Killing Mexicans

Oct 26, 2012, 09:30 AM EDT | Updated Dec 6, 2017

The U.S. Border Patrol is facing criticism at the United Nations for killing Mexicans.

In another highly publicized case, Anastasio Hernandez Rojas was killed by the Border Patrol in San Diego. Agents say he was combative and coroners found traces of methamphetamines in his blood.

But an eyewitness video aired by PBS showed some a dozen agents hovering over Hernández Rojas, who lay screaming on the ground as they tased him.

Watch the PBS report on Herández Rojas’ killing below. Warning: contains disturbing images.

Preview: Crossing the Line:

A total of 18 people died in cases of alleged excessive force by Border Patrol officials since 2010, according to the ACLU. Eight of those cases involved rock throwing. Agents have typically argued that they acted in self defense and have rarely been punished, according to The Los Angeles Times.

The ACLU also criticized before the international body a program that jails immigrants who cross illegally en masse called “Operation Streamline.” Implemented in 2005, Operation Streamline allows participating jurisdictions along the U.S.-Mexico border to immediately try and convict apprehended immigrants of crossing illegally and sentence them to up to six months in jail. Repeat crossers can face stiffer sentences.

The federal government doubled the number of Border Patrol agents to 21,444 between the 2000 fiscal year and 2011, according to the ACLU.

Border Patrol Blasted At UN For Killing Mexicans | HuffPost Communities

Oomp (AstroLib)

From: Oomp (AstroLib)


I could say that I don't understand: An apparent criminal, while committing the crime, is apprehended by law enforcement. During the arrest process, the situation gets out of control,  and the perpetrator is killed. What's the problem?

In Canada, when a law enforcement officer uses his gun (or taser) in the line of duty, there is an immediate investigation. Apparently not so in the US, where, it would appear to the ACLU, the presumption of innocence applies only to  the accused. There was, no doubt, some sort of internal investigation within the local prosecutor's department which concluded that no further action needed be taken. Case closed.

And the ACLU? 18 deaths over the space of 12 years? Considering the vast numbers of  the "undocumented" that are estimated to have  found their way in, that's peanuts- an insignificant number. There's a couple of old expressions that nicely fit this type of situation: At the poker table; "If you can't afford the loss, Don't play the game", and in general, "Don't do the crime if you can't do the time."

Oh, and by the way: Since when does the UN count for anything?


From: SquaddyB


>Border Patrol Blasted At UN For Killing Mexicans<

He went very silent and skedaddled from the Irish Forum when someone posted a story about Mexican authorities "killing" Guatemalans under similar circumstances on Mexico's southern border. I guess sauce for the goose is not sauce for the gander in the world according to RM!