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Ukrainian Nazis in Canada   General Confusion

Started Sep-25 by NISSY (NISSY2); 107 views.



And Biden says that Ukraine can't have Nazis because Zelensky is a Jew. Because Zelensky was visiting Canada's Parliament, arrangements were made to have a veteran of World War II still alive be honored.

“It has come out today that Justin Trudeau personally met with and honored a veteran of the 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS (a Nazi division). Liberals then arranged for this Nazi veteran to be recognized on the floor of the House of Commons during the visit of the Ukrainian president,” Poilievre wrote in a post on Saturday.

He called the event at Parliament an “appalling error in judgment” on the part of Trudeau himself.

“No parliamentarians (other than Justin Trudeau) had the opportunity to vet this individual’s past before he was introduced and honored on the floor of the House of Commons. Without warning or context, it was impossible for any parliamentarian in the room (other than Mr. Trudeau) to know of this dark past,” he explained.

Canada house speaker apologizes for honoring Ukrainian Nazi veteran
Alm (JurgensenAlm)

From: Alm (JurgensenAlm)


It appears, more and more like the Russian/Ukraine war is over with Russia coming out the winner.  It also appears that Russia has other weapons beside atom bombs with which to completely annihilate Ukraine.  Zelensky has gotten wind of this and it may be why he is centering his monthly wish list on America re-building Ukraine.

Apparently global mainstream media is way way behind the times.




If Russia wins the war, Zelensky will be replaced as president and there will be nobody to authorize reconstruction costs. I don't think the US will let Russia win the war.