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Yes... This actually happened   World Wide WTF?

Started 1/25/18 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 139987 views.
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Snake mistakes man's slipper for food

X-ray of a slipper swallowed by a Coastal Carpet Python in Queensland, which had the object removed by a vet.

There are slippery snakes, and then there's this slipper-eating snake.

A carpet python has confused a man's footwear for a feed, ingesting his right-foot slipper in a late night snack in a Haigslea home, west of Brisbane, last week.

An elderly man and a relative had come across it during the search for one of his slippers, which had gone missing overnight days earlier.

The python was taken to a HerpVet at Mount Ommaney, where it was X-rayed it to confirm the footwear was inside.

The reptile underwent successful surgery to have it removed on Monday afternoon.  

"[The python] woke up very quickly from the procedure, given anti-inflammatories and painkillers and antibiotics in this case, because we entered the GI tract."

It will be off to rehabilitation in a couple of days, and will eventually be released back into the wild in the near future.

As for the slipper —it was removed in one piece, albeit a bit slimy.

Slipper removed from snake

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I'm getting this in before you do!

Florida police catch three-metre alligator swimming in a family pool

Two men attempt to remove a large alligator from a family pool.

Florida police have posted footage on social media of a trapper removing a 3.35 metre alligator from a family pool in the town of Nokomis on Florida's Gulf Coast.

The Sarasota County Sheriff's Office tweeted images of the alligator alongside the hashtags "Tweet from the Beat" and "Only in Florida", and posted the video of the trapper dragging the creature from the pool on Facebook.

Officers wrote on Twitter that the alligator "bust right through" a screen door to get to the pool.

American alligators are native to Florida, Louisiana and other southern states.

Even with rampant development and loss of wetlands, officials estimate there are more than one million alligators in Florida, a miraculous comeback for a species that was approaching extinction 40 years ago.

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Pornhub website takes over Perth's Yagan Square information display

Electronic screen at Yagan square displaying the home page of Pornhub.

Commuters making their way through Perth's new Yagan Square — billed by politicians as the new "heart of the city" — were left shocked after stumbling upon an electronic sign displaying a pornography website.

Where useful information to help pedestrians navigate their way around the city can normally be viewed, the homepage of Pornhub — one of the internet's biggest pornography sites — was instead being broadcast to hundreds of pedestrians on Thursday night.

A spokeswoman for the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) said as soon as it was alerted to the issue, the two-metre interactive screen was switched off.

She said it was not yet clear what exactly had happened but the MRA was making inquiries as to whether the sign had been hacked.

The MRA later released a statement saying the screen had been "compromised".

"Yagan Square has two touchscreen wayfinding signs, one at each entrance of the William Street Mall," the spokeswoman said.

"Unfortunately, it appears that these screens were compromised this evening and, for a brief period of time, some inappropriate content was displayed on one of the screens.

"Both screens were immediately turned off and power has also been switched off to the units to eliminate all possibilities of a recurrence.

"The MRA takes this matter very seriously and will undertake a full investigation to understand how this event has happened and identify those responsible."

Too funny!

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Demolition goes wrong as silo falls wrong way to crush Danish cultural centre


A library and music school in Denmark have been damaged after a 53-metre-high silo toppled the wrong way during a demolition.

Video of the explosion in the town of Vordingborg on Friday (local time) captured onlookers cheering at the detonation, only to cry out as the tower crushed the waterfront cultural centre.

No one was injured.

Danish newspaper BT reported the Danish Explosives Association said all preparations for the planned explosion seemed to be correct.

An investigation is underway into what caused the silo to fall the wrong way.

On Facebook, the Vordingborg local government said volunteer firefighters helped throughout the night to secure the cultural centre, which houses a library and music school.

The library said most of the building's interior was not damaged but everything was covered in dust.

Videos here:

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Historic Scottish Landmark "closed due to angry badger".

Craignethan Castle in Lanarkshire, Scotland.

A 16th-century Scottish castle noted for its impressive defences has proved to be no match for a "very angry badger".

Craignethan Castle in South Lanarkshire, south-east of Glasgow, was breached by the nocturnal mammal on Saturday, forcing staff to close the stronghold's cellar tunnel to the public.

"We're trying to entice it out with cat food [and] send it home," Historic Scotland tweeted.

It is believed the badger has since retreated from the tunnel.

"Our works team have used a Go Pro this morning to view the tunnel and it seems our visitor has vacated."

"We'll keep the tunnel closed in the interim while we do a little housekeeping following its visit."

According to Historic Environment Scotland, Craignethan Castle is the last great private stronghold built in Scotland.

Badgers are a protected species in the United Kingdom and cannot be wilfully killed, injured or taken.

Their burrows, also known as setts, are also protected.

Badgers are described by the Scottish Wildlife Trust as one of Scotland's "most charismatic mammals".

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Whoops!  There goes the loot!

Robbers drop stolen cash as it flies away in the wind

Bungling burglar clutches at his trousers in a hopeless bid to stop the cash he has just stolen from a travel agency blowing away in the wind Two men are sho...

Two thieves have been caught on camera losing their loot in a gust of wind as they attempted to make their escape down a street in northern England.

The men, described as "hapless robbers" by Greater Manchester Police, allegedly robbed a travel agency and stuffed the cash down their pants.

As they walked down a street away from the store, notes started dropping out of one man's trousers and flying away in the wind.

He tried to capture the flyaway cash — but more fell out of his pants in the process.

Eventually, the pair got into a getaway car and sped off, police said.

"They took every step to secure the money in the shop, but left the stolen notes in their wake as they fled from the scene," Detective Constable Phil Scargill said.

"I'd urge anyone who saw the two men, or caught sight of them dropping notes as they ran from the travel agents, to please get in touch with police and share what you know."

Police did not say how much money the pair stole from the travel agency, or how much was left on the street.


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Turns out the pen is NOT mightier than the sword

A plane passenger has threatened a flight attendant with a fountain pen, forcing an Air China flight bound for Beijing to make an unscheduled landing, according to the country's civil aviation authority.

In a brief statement on its website, the Civil Aviation Administration of China said a male passenger, who it did not identify, on Air China Flight 1350 attempted to use the pen to hold the flight attendant "under duress".

Passengers and crew were unharmed, the statement said, without providing any further details.

Chinese police said preliminary investigations found the 41-year-old passenger, identified only by his last name Xu, had a "history of mental illness".

The flight took off from Changsha, the capital of southern Hunan province, at 8:40am (local time) and was scheduled to arrive at Beijing Capital International Airport at about 11:00am, according to local media reports and flight tracking websites.

But it made the unscheduled landing at Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport, in central Henan province, at 9:58am, according to an earlier post on Air China's official Weibo microblog.

Air China said in the post that the plane made the unscheduled stop due to "public safety reasons", and that police and civil aviation authorities were handling the situation.

The Beijing News said on its Weibo page that a passenger described being awoken by a scream coming from the front of the plane and that "nobody knew what was going on".

The Xiaoxiang Morning Herald quoted a passenger as saying that the disturbance occurred in the first or business class cabins but that the curtains separating those sections from economy class were pulled tightly shut.

The passenger looked out the window and saw many police cars, ambulances and fire engines parked outside the plane as it was landing in Zhengzhou, the newspaper said in a Weibo post.

The passenger described seeing armed personnel in camouflage uniforms assembled in two or three rows.

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Falling dog knocks woman unconscious

A dog falling from the roof of a two-storey building has struck a woman on the head, leaving her with a serious neck injury in Guangzhou City, Southern China.

Two women were walking in the city's Baiyun District earlier this month when one of them was suddenly hit by the dog.

Surveillance camera footage showed the woman slump unconscious after being hit by the animal, which witnesses said weighed at least 20 kilograms.

The accident could have been even worse — the other woman in the video is seen holding a baby.

Local witnesses described how they heard a loud sound and saw an animal falling to the ground.

"It was very loud, like a bag of cement falling down," said a local woman who witnessed the incident.

In a stroke of luck, the two women had been walking to a local clinic at the time.

A nearby doctor came to the injured woman's aid.

"I saw that her lips suddenly turned black … the doctor next door rubbed the area below her nose with some herbal oil," the witness said.

The woman took more than 12 minutes to regain consciousness.

"She had totally blacked out," said another local.

Dog flees the scene

Neighbours quickly called an ambulance and the unfortunate woman was sent to hospital, but the dog had already fled from the scene.

"The dog ran off at once. It was fine, because its fall [was] buffered by the person," said a witness.

As for the whereabouts of the canine— it has seemingly since stayed away from the scene of the crime, locals said.

Video here: