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Started 6/15/17 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 18101 views.

From: RRBud


Sorry, I mis-read that.  Some of our local Leftist maniac rabble-rousers have begun to make the charge that he hates children - when he doesn't - and I think that I read what I'd just heard, rather than what you wrote.  Again, sincerest apologies.

As for our journalists - - well, some of them don't deserve the name, being instead commentators and rabble-rousers, not legitimate reporters after the pattern of truly great ones.

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

Apology accepted, and carefully noted that you were free with one.  Not many have that amount of character.

As for the media?  I absolutely agree!

Take the BLM protests, for example.

Peaceful protests are boring.  No one wants to turn on the news for that.

Violence and civil unrest is what wins ratings!

And I agree that Trump is unique in that he he the most mercilessly bullied president we've ever had.  And I have to take into account all the racist crap Obama had to endure.

The left-wing media are ecstatic to jump on top of his latest gaffe.  And there are sooooo many.

They are feeding the divide, because let's face it -  an American civil war is MUST SEE TV!!

Edit to add:  I need to know that you do not categorise anyone who works at OAN as a "journalist".


From: RRBud


Good morning Jen -

As for the apology?  I made a mistake; any honest or honorable person has the absolute duty to recognize and admit when they've made a mistake, and attempt to clear up misunderstandings.  That many people do not, is unfortunate in the extreme.

Our media here in the USA is largely controlled by "leftists" - in fact, Communist sympathizers and advocates who are at the same time greedy to make ever more money.  Too many of them truly do want to see our Republic destroyed, and our form of government replaced by a Communist slave State.  Oh, they deny that - - but when listening to the discussions between people in the business their political agenda quickly becomes all too obvious, and many openly admit they yearn for Socialism to destroy capitalism completely - - and to see our Constitution torn up and replaced by Marxist thought.  IMO, that may be a major reason that the major media in our country seldom if ever criticizes ANTIFA (an admitted Communist organization, regardless of the fact that they are practicing Fascist tactics and behaviors.)

Their Communist and Socialist leanings and beliefs are no surprise, because for at least the past 50 years the educational system in the USA has been increasingly taken over by American Communists - - people who truly do not appreciate the evil of the system they advocate.  In their mission to discredit the history of the USA and paint it as the root of all evil in our world, they also paint Socialism and its ultimate expression, Communism, as good things - - but for those of us who have literally fought Communism in the jungles of southeast Asia and other places, recognize the lie and the agenda behind it.  And we are NOT amused.

We took an Oath to defend our Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic, and that Oath has no expiration date short of our own death.  That many of us are no longer in the military services of the USA makes no difference; we are not released from that Oath just because we are no longer active warfighters wearing our Nation's uniform.  Fortunately, there are a lot of us, and if necessary, we'll do what we have to in order to preserve our Constitution and our Nation.  Whatever that may require.

But we don't want to have to.  That's something many people don't understand.

At any rate, no - I can't call the vast majority of the talking heads on national "news" television or radio, "journalists."  On the other hand, neither do I call most of the folks on OANN "journalists," although there are a couple of truly competent investigative journalists who work for that network.  Many people only tune in to OANN to listen to Graham Ledger or Liz Wheeler - who are unashamedly partisan commentators, and make no claim to anything else.  Otherwise, that network is no more and no less biased than the American broadcast networks ABC, CBS, and NBC.  They merely have a pro-America and pro-Trump bias.

I agree that President Trump is not any kind of skilled politician in the political arena.  He's a rather successful businessman who cut his teeth in the truly brutal New York construction business, learned from his mistakes, and kept getting better at that game.  He's not the smooth, polished, devious and self-serving liar the politicians in our country have become, so to them he's the enemy and has to be destroyed.  News flash - - it's those politicians who are the mortal enemy of everybody else in the whole world, and who have to be eradicated right along with the Communism they so often espouse.

The rest of us, unless under the bad influence of extremists of whatever sort, can usually get along pretty well.

Jenifer (Zarknorph)
RRBud said:

Too many of them truly do want to see our Republic destroyed, and our form of government replaced by a Communist slave State

That's a pretty broad accusation.  What exactly constitutes a Communist Slave State?  What would that look like in your day to day life?

RRBud said:

admit they yearn for Socialism to destroy capitalism completely

There are merits to socialism - healthcare, social security, welfare... and serious problems with capitalism - wage disparity, inequality, environmental damage, volatile markets and 1% of the population owning 99% of the wealth.

I'm not saying capitalism should be abolished, or that socialism on its own is the answer.  But if the merits of both are kept and the failures of both eradicated, then you may find a prosperous society that takes care of the most vulnerable is possible.

RRBud said:

and to see our Constitution torn up and replaced by Marxist thought.

I don't know about Marxist thought - but the US constitution is not perfect. 

Think about the statues being torn down all around the US right now.  A standard argument against it, is that we should not judge these men by today's standards.  In keeping with that line of thought, you need to look at the constitution as outdated as well.

It needs to be brought out of the 18th century.

RRBud said:

In their mission to discredit the history of the USA and paint it as the root of all evil in our world

I would rather know an ugly truth than a beautiful lie.

All countries have to deal with the atrocities of the past.  America is no different.

The lessons suck.  But without them, you just remain ignorant.  And that is worse.

RRBud said:

Fortunately, there are a lot of us, and if necessary, we'll do what we have to in order to preserve our Constitution and our Nation. Whatever that may require.

If you are going to take up arms against your neighbour, you had better make sure that EVERY SINGLE THING written in the constitution is worth killing for.

The Filibuster, The inability of the states to restructure their own governments, Slave labour in prisons, Anonymous voting in congress, The Article 5 Loophole that, theoretically, can create a dictatorship.

Oh, and it's pretty much impossible to amend any of it.

RRBud said:

They merely have a pro-America and pro-Trump bias.

You assume that the people who want Trump gone from the White House do so because they are anti-America.  On the contrary.  They want to save their country.  Not from Republicans, but from the one man who is doing the damage.

RRBud said:

He's a rather successful businessman who cut his teeth in the truly brutal New York construction business, learned from his mistakes, and kept getting better at that game.

Successful businessmen don't go bankrupt six times.  And I disagree that Trump has ever learnt anything from his mistakes.  He cannot do that, while he refuses to admit to ever making any.

As for the media in general - the environment has become so toxic, that no one knows what an actual real news story looks like anymore.

If the first instinct of anyone is to scream "FAKE NEWS!", then how will they have the faintest idea of what is actually going on in the world?

Good chat.


From: RRBud


We're too far apaart on what we were taught, and what we believe, to continue this particular discussion to the benefit of either of us.  And it appears that you've absorbed far too much of the "soft Socialism" lie to see the inevitable enslavement of everybody unfortunate to live in a society that adopts Socialism, for it inevitably - if sometimes slowly - degenerates into a slave State such as the old Soviet Union, or China, or Venezuela, or Cuba.  And yes, I've been to China, and fought Communism in Vietnam.  Some truly wonderful people in both places.  I've also been in Afghanistan - - terrible government there, largely tribalistic and in places oppressed by radical, "fundamentalist" Islam, which is a truly horrible situation for anyone trapped under such rule - - well, except for the mullahs, but that's the whole idea.  Islam isn't really a religion, it's a political system that masquerades as a religion whenever convenient.

Oh well - - on other topics than politics and religion, I hope we can continue friendly conversations!

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

It is a tad disturbing that you equate a fair minimum wage with the tyranny of Islamic State.

You are right - I can't work with that level of paranoia.

If anything, I'll probably make it worse.


From: RRBud


The thing is, I never equated a fair minimum wage (which changes with location and overall economic development) with the tyranny of Islam.  That's something that came entirely from your own way of reading what I've actually said.

And what I've actually said reflects exactly zero paranoia - - though you have regularly asserted that my posts do (in your opinion) exhibit that mental state.  They don't, but you'll never see that.

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

Well, you addressed none of my points and went on a rant about communists and radical Islam instead.

What was I supposed to make of it?

The idea that Democrats have an agenda to destroy their own country is paranoid.

The constitution is not perfect.

There is no second layer to Trump.  His tweets and actions are not subterfuge and misdirection.  He really is just that stupid.

I am still to find out what this slave state you fear would look like.

If you really fear slavery - you'd do something to abolish it in your own country.

Sharia law is definitely something to fear, but it is not coming to your town.

You are prepared to take up arms against your neighbours, before finding a peaceful compromise.

What is that, other than paranoia?

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

Actually, I understand why you're so afraid with idiots like this in the media...