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By the way, both our daughter and son are INFP.

Civilians who are not in Security and own guns are usually fear based scaredy cats. 

You know the guy in the second gif is a Democrat, right?


From: ElDotardo


That's why they call it . . . ACTING!


From: ElDotardo


Leftists Extend the Covid Crisis

If our ruling class were responsible, sensible, and honest, it would admit that the Covid pandemic is over. The ChiCom virus is now endemic. People should be advised to take commonsense precautions but get on with their lives. However, our rulers are anything but responsible, sensible, or honest. They don’t like to let a crisis go to waste, as Obamunist Rahm Emanuel noted, because a crisis is “an opportunity to do things … you could not do before.” That’s why leftists are extending the crisis for as long as possible.

Yale University’s Nicholas Christakis proclaims that we are only at the “end of the beginning” of Covid hysteria and the tyranny it enables. He says the crisis can be milked by authoritarians until at least 2024:

Australia would not be investing in Covid concentration camps if they were willing to let this go any time soon.

Speaking of Australia, Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant is the Tony Fauci of New South Wales. She has forbidden Australians from speaking to each other and does not intend for their lives ever to go back to normal. Now she proclaims that her subjects may be forced to wear obedience muzzles in the name of Covid for years:

In the absence of sufficient pushback, there is no reason for our rulers not to keep this up indefinitely — or at least until the ChiComs leak the next engineered virus.