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Hmmm… somebody needs attention 


From: ElDotardo


South Australia Declares Climate Emergency That Has No Teeth

South Australia is now under a climate emergency declaration after a motion passed both Houses of Parliament on Tuesday.


Unlike the state’s Covid emergency declaration that gave the government a raft of new powers, the climate emergency motion passed in parliament does not give the government more authority by itself.


So what’s the point? Propaganda. Paid for by tax dollars.



See more at Sky News


From: ElDotardo


Can you hear me now?

Australians Set To Freeze During Coldest Week In 118 Years

cold australiaFive new polar blasts are set to hit Australia over the next two weeks as the country continues its freezing start to winter – the coldest in 118 years.

massive surge of cold air is forcing temperatures to plunge several degrees below the June average right across the country. [bold, links added]





It is probably caused by that Tonga volcano that put a lot of dirt and dust up in the upper atmosphere of the Southern Hemisphere.

Do you have loser flags and loser signs like these in your yard?


From: ElDotardo


Makes sense.

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From: ElDotardo


No photo description available.

My neighbors didn't understand . . . now they do.

New details suggest senior Trump aides knew Jan. 6 rally could get chaotic

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From: ElDotardo


The Uncredible Jan. 6 Committee

Americans needed a serious accounting. Democrats assured they won’t get one.


This week’s Washington corollary to the tree-in-the-forest thought experiment: If the Jan. 6 committee holds professionally polished hearings, amid wall-to-wall prime-time coverage, will anybody pay attention? If the answer is no, the committee will largely have itself to blame.

The prospect of public apathy is already deeply vexing the establishment. “Democrats have the steep challenge of convincing a disillusioned American electorate to tune into” the hearings, Politico worries. The Washington Post frets that even weeks of this miniseries may not “change hearts or minds.” The vexed are already laying blame. It’s the fault of Republicans who will “downplay” the findings, Americans who are too focused on gasoline prices, and Fox News for deciding not to air Thursday’s hearing live (although Fox Business and every other station said they would).

What’s actually missing in this special sauce of prime TV hours, slick videos and positive press is the one ingredient truly vital for public interest: credibility. If huge swathes of America ignore the committee’s work, it will be because the committee itself—through its construction and through its actions—made it easy.

Can Americans trust the findings of a panel whose members began with a preconceived narrative and blackballed any dissenting voices? Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s unprecedented decision to veto Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s picks last July in favor of her own handpicked Republican members blew the committee’s credibility before it even started work. Americans will find it easy to reject “evidence” that is too fragile to bear the scrutiny of fellow House members.

And consider Mrs. Pelosi’s Democratic picks. California’s Adam Schiff is the House face of the Trump-Russia collusion hoax and secret Ukraine impeachment proceedings. Maryland’s Jamie Raskin knows a little something about objecting to the counting of electoral votes. On Jan. 6, 2017, he objected to Donald Trump’s Florida victory. Mrs. Pelosi had more than 200 Democratic members to choose from, yet her picks allow Americans to dismiss the committee instantly.

The committee might have redeemed itself even with this makeup had it conducted its work in a sober, professional manner. Instead, within months, it had become the worst type of Washington leak machine—dribbling documents, texts, emails and inside tidbits about who was up for a grilling next and what was coming out of depositions. At least one of the text messages it released was altered (by—who else?—Mr. Schiff) to exclude context and falsely malign former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows.

This practice reached a low in March, when the committee leaked personal text messages of Ginni Thomas, wife of Justice Clarence Thomas. The messages had no real bearing on the events of Jan. 6 but were perfectly timed to coincide with a left-wing campaign to smear Justice Thomas and pressure him to recuse himself from key cases. How much confidence should Americans be expected to have in a body that has abused its investigative powers for political gain?

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