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Started 6/15/17 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 73069 views.

From: ElDotardo


The Show Trials Begin



Thursday evening's disgraceful spectacle concocted by congressional Democrats and the media will go down in history -- but not in the way they intended.

Far from shocking Americans with “new” testimony from a visibly terrified Ivanka Trump or a know-nothing Capitol police officer who described the Jan. 6 confrontations as “a war scene,” which it most certainly was not, Thursday's spectacle only reinforced the national divide between Trump supporters and the Democrats and the media elites.

Even Democrat strategists and media commentators admit that the hearings are not aimed at changing public opinion. "Instead, the committee's work is most clearly aimed at the top brass at the Department of Justice who will decide whether to bring charges against Trump and members of his inner circle," Jonathan Allen wrote in a commentary for NBC News.

That in itself should be enough to terrify any American who lived through the Cold War, or who read Kafka in high school or college.

We have entered an era of show trials, just like the extravaganzas produced by Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin in the 1930s.

The goal of the show trial is to intimidate and to deflect. In this case, the Democrats want to intimidate Donald Trump and his supporters, by threatening them with prosecution on charges of sedition for allegedly planning, encouraging, and supporting the rioters. (This is undoubtedly why Ivanka Trump looked like a deer in the headlights in the 16 second video clip of her testimony Rep. Liz Cheney aired at the hearing on a giant screen above the committee members' heads).

The deflection piece is what the Democrats don't want you to see, and have been desperately trying to keep Americans from looking at since November 3, 2020.

From the beginning, they used the phrase the "Big Lie," a term introduced by Hitler's propaganda chief, Josef Goebbels, to describe efforts by President Trump to call attention to rampant evidence of election irregularities. You cannot read or watch elite media news coverage of the election that doesn't refer to "Trump's unproven lies" about the election.

But the more the American people looked, the more they believed President Trump and their lying eyes. How was it, in the most tech-savvy country in the world, that most of us went to bed at midnight on election night with TV images of unassailable Trump margins of victory in all five swing states with 98% of the vote counted, and woke up the next morning to see those margins had collapsed and somehow only 92% or 94% percent of the votes had now been counted?

In the months between the election and January 6, we saw dozens of lawsuits filed in these swing states, with thousands of eyewitness affidavits, filed upon penalty of criminal perjury, describing clear-cut violations of election law, and all of them were dismissed. As I wrote at the time, it made many Americans lose faith in our system of justice.

By the time January 6 rolled around, Americans were angry, frustrated, and disillusioned. They believed they had been swindled out of their vote and their president, but they didn't know what to do about it. Indeed, our system had failed the people it was designed to protect.

Because Americans would not -- and will not -- let go of their belief that the 2020 election was stolen no matter how much the elite media pounded them with lies, Congressional Democrats impeached President Trump a second time after he left office.

But even that wasn't enough. Trump just wouldn't go away, and neither would his supporters. So the congressional Democrats needed to go long. They created a Select Committee, and endowed it with unconstitutional police powers to intimidate Trump insiders such as Peter Navarro, hauling him off a plane
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From: ElDotardo


Renewable Energy Or Reliable Energy — But Not Both

cartoon green energy

Australia’s new ALP Government has gigantic green energy plans to be funded by electricity consumers and taxpayers.

They promise (with a straight face) that Australia’s electricity will be 82% renewable by 2030. They predict a 43% reduction in emissions and are “on track for net-zero by 2050.”

They threaten to litter the landscape with 400 community batteries85 solar banks, and a $20B expansion of the electricity grid. [bold, links added]

This gigantic “green” electricity plan will need at least 150 million Chinese solar panels covering outback kingdoms of the land, plus thousands of bird-slicing metal-hungry wind turbines, plus never-ending roads and power lines – not friendly to grass or trees and with no room for native birds, bees, bats or marsupials – not green at all.

See our sterile future being constructed.

The whirling triffids are also invading our coastal seas. Seabirds are advised to migrate.

The ALP has also revived the hoary plan to run an extension cord to Tasmania. Naturally, some greedy green Tasmanians want to keep all that wind, solar and hydro energy for themselves. Others dream of sending NT sunshine up a long cable from Darwin to Singapore.

With enthusiastic support from the new Parliament full of Climatistas, Net Zeros, Teals, and Greens (but very few engineers), we can expect a disorderly rush to plaster a mess of electrical machinery and appliances all over the face of Australia.

They will also promote more demand for electricity for electric cars, many seeking overnight charging (despite having zero solar power and intermittent wind power at night). So we will need giant fire-prone batteries to recharge small fire-prone batteries.

When there is no sun on a single solar panel for 12 hours, no one notices; when all wind turbines sit idle for days under a slow-moving winter high, no one cares; but when one aging, under-maintained coal plant falters, we notice; when three coal generators fail, we have a power crisis.

Yet we have green millionaires urging quicker closure of our few remaining 24/7 coal-powered generators.

The ALP/Green/Teal plan will clutter the countryside with solar panels, wind turbines, transmission lines, access roads (some bitumen), giant batteries, and fire-prone National Parks.

Eastern Australia recently had several very windy days, which caused many blackouts as trees and powerlines were blown down.

Imagine the outages and repair costs when a cyclone slices thru this continent-wide spiderweb of fragile power lines connecting millions of wind/solar generators, fire-prone batteries, and diverse markets.

Picture the green energy network after the next big flood or bushfire.

Europeans can pretend to run a modern society with 
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From: ElDotardo


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From: ElDotardo


Oh, Dave, you find discussing today's political chaos boring? Is it because your side is getting its comeuppance? The midterms will be bad, but just wait . . .


ElDotardo said...

you find discussing today's political chaos boring?

Not at all, in fact, I love DICSUCSSING todays political chaos. However, I do find spam that is copied and pasted very boring.