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Is North Korea a nuclear threat?   Asia

Started 6/13/18 by OSarge (DD214_98); 73165 views.

From: SquaddyB 


What is with you Stephanie?  Not getting any??

It is bad enough that you support terrorism in all its ugly forms, but now you are coming to the defense of Jong - Un?

Here is my solution for Jong - Un.

Military wise: Send in a covert team of Delta Force and SAS and take out the wee shite!

Politically wise: Rile up a coup and install a "pre-selected " non dictator and likewise administration.

Flood North Korea with food and goodies and show the "peasants" what life is really like on the other side of the wire~!



From: SquaddyB 


 Stephanie is back to her usual modus operandi of using propaganda based pictures as " absolute proof "! LOL

Maybe she will post another round of photo shopped pictures to justify her defense of North Korea and its dictatorship government! 



From: SquaddyB 


I'd like to give BerrySteph some white noise, sleep deprivation and warm water and stale bread diet! :>)

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From: bml00 


Leaving Berry to watch Israel go from strength to strength is my curse to the idiot .


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Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph) 


No Hijacking!


From: BerrySteph 


Jenifer (Zarknorph) said:

Why do you defend this man? Tell me one single redeeming quality Kim Jong Un has.

Its not me trying to derail this discussion because I'm uncomfortable with it, its BM and his sidekicks.

I brought up the Holocaust (=189) as proof that collaborating leaders lead to more suffering and death and dispossession. Syngman Rhees collaborating led to 5 million dead Koreans burned to a crisp - what's the word for doing that?

I'm immediately and falsely accused of introducing the Jews (#190) - while Meddly brings up a story that makes it appear that the Jews are central to the collaborating of South Korea (#191).  At #195 you blame me - at #200 we have BM "Thank You , hopefully that will annoy Berry" at #202 and #203, #204 and #205 I get nothing but personal abuse

Are you allowing this thuggery to go on because you know know I'm right about the history of Korea, the motivations of the colonisers and the great patriotism of the victims of genocide?

Because it looks exactly as if you're interfering because you're angry at me for being targeted by a bunch of thugs for being correct in history and "logic".