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Is it 2020 yet?   America - all of it

Started 11/19/18 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 49087 views.

From: RGoss99


Yes, an old story. One I remember was the Nicaraguan complaints to the world court involving the U.S. sponsorship of terrorism by the Contras. If hand I canthink of many others of the U.S. refusing to join a court it started because of what they considered their superior system of Justice. Taking a reverse position regarding the supposed rape case in Manrisa. We have very few jury trials in Spain, in fact I know of no one who ever served on a jury. The majority of cases are decided guilty, not guilty, ponishment by a panel ofjudges, often after the prosecution and defense have gotten togather in a friendly way and produced what is essentially a copped plea, so often all the panel has to decide is the extenuating corcumstances, context, before deciding on the punishment. Trials are also not normally held in front of a public audience. At a local level we have a "jutjat" who is elected by the counsul. He is then trained but not usually a lawyer. His only employee is a person with a law degree who has passed the bar. She advises him on the law, and his function is more like an adjudicator who attempts at concensus between the two sides. , the result is usually an attempt to rectify the problem, not unish.

I key phrase in the newspapeers, no matter at what level the case is dealt with, is "the person charged has agreed to the judicial decision" [a wise move because by not agreeing, the odds are that the alternative is usually worse].


From: BerrySteph


Jenifer (Zarknorph) said:

'A wine cave full of crystals': Democrats find new frontrunner to attack at debate Democrats continue the search for a 2020 nominee.

Moderately interesting - but this part may be completely wrong:

Three of the seven candidates will have to put their campaigns on hold to return to Congress and sit through a Senate trial sometime next year, most likely in January.

This bombshell article suggests the real situation is very different - Pelosi has Trump dangling on a string and can keep him there until November:

I. Whensoever the Senate shall receive notice from the House of Representatives that managers are appointed on their part to conduct an impeachment against any person and are directed to carry articles of impeachment to the Senate, the Secretary of the Senate shall immediately inform the House of Representatives that the Senate is ready to receive the managers for the purpose of exhibiting such articles of impeachment, agreeably to such notice.

A normal reading of this clause would allow for no delay on the Senate’s part in receiving the House managers. But it also shows that the Senate can’t initiate a trial until the House appoints their managers and sends notice to that effect.

... Pelosi has the impeachment articles in hand now, and she can compel the Senate to drop what they’re doing and hold a trial anytime she feels like it. This is the leverage she’s using to try to compel the Senate to agree to terms that are fair to the prosecution. The Republicans would like to move quickly before the Courts compel the testimony of more witnesses and before any other damaging information comes to light. Pelosi does not share these incentives. Her caucus is in holiday recess for the next few weeks in any case, so she doesn’t have any urgent need to do anything but enjoy Christmas with her grandchildren.

She will not “lose by default” unless she never sends the referral. For now, she’s happy to let Trump and McConnell twist in the wind, knowing that time is her ally.

Maybe there is hope for the Republic.

I'm a bit surprised all that important information on the workings of the Constitution has (presumably) never been published and gossiped about before.

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From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


I knew the Mooch would come back to front stab him...


From: Oseas3


The man in the picture above, wearing a red tie, is the rider of the red horse of Revelation.

What is he doing and will he continue to do henceforward or day after day?

See, when the second seal was opened, there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword. - sword is the speech of his mouth  -  his speech is like a sword prepared for to kill.

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