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Eurovision 2019   Africa and the Middle East

Started 5/19/19 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 330 views.
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From: BerrySteph


bml00 said:

BDS NOW  out lawed in Germany so there goes another idiot comment of yours

So you're still blackmailing Germany with a devastating boycott if they don't do what you tell them.

You hate the only man - a passionate Zionist, Edwin Black - who documented the devastating boycott the Zionists mounted on Germany before:

p.129 ... By mid-April [1933], the effects were dramatic. England had already supplanted Germany as the single largest exporter to Denmark and Norway, two of Germany's leading customers. Reich sales to Finland were drastically down. Many U.S. stores found merchandise labeled "Made in Germany" virtually unsalable. American retailers urgently sought alternative suppliers in Japan, Czechoslovakia, and England, especially for glassware, toys, china, and sausage. Competitor countries happily rushed in to reap the boycott's benefits.33

Total Reich exports were down 10 percent in April. That initial decline was limited because of many unexpired contracts. Reich economic sources were convinced the May figures would be calamitous. With roughly half the German workforce employed by just 2 percent of the companies in Germany, the successful boycotting of even a limited number of cartel industries would be disastrous. Food prices in Berlin were already reflecting the concern, bread and other items escalating 4 percent weekly.34

Meanwhile, Germany's border crisis grew hour by hour. Poland's pro-invasion military hawks found widespread support among a population inflamed by Jewish boycott committees. Czechoslovakia's known pro-Zionist stance and her readiness to join a preemptive strike only intensified German nervousness about her eastern border.35 By May 11, the invasion threat had doubled, because France was consumed by what Reich officials called "war fever," fueled by boycott committees and the press.36

Events were culminating. The destruction of Hitler's tenuous regime - from without or within - loomed as the crisis of the hour in Berlin. German officials and corporate leaders had been dispatched to the cities of Europe and America to try to blunt the attack. Their efforts were unsuccessful. Government clarifications, token protective decrees and threats of unrestrained retaliation against German Jews were also unsuccessful. "The Transfer Agreement: The Untold Story of the Secret Pact Between the Third Reich and Jewish Palestine" by Edwin Black.

Why do you deny that that's the way you the Zionists operate?

Blackmail and threats to shut down Jenifer's Forum if I continue to humiliate you?


From: bml00


I proved you wrong as I do each time , you can prove Blackmail of Germany , pls go ahead

You can’t help yourself Hitler again and again U know he is your poster lad