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A bit of French Culture   The U.K and Europe

Started 6/20/19 by Di (amina046); 32418 views.
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From: RGoss99


A Good example of an OT post on here part, having nothing to say about the message, her ego requires a sarky comment about an obvious mistype just to keep the troll going.

Petulant Douche said...

A Good example of an OT post on here part

A good example of pedantic arrogance on hise part!

Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


It’s SNARKY btw, I am not trolling you, I read your posts and some are quite informative, however they are usually too longwinded and take the subject matter on sort of “sideways” and then filling it with unimportant details that add nothing of interest. Furthermore, the misspelling and interjections of your beloved catalán turn an interesting post into an eyesore.

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


RGoss99 said:

A Good example of an OT post on here part, having nothing to say about the message, her ego requires a sarky comment about an obvious mistype just to keep the troll going.

Yes, it was a mistype.  Another one. 

I can't recall a post where you didn't constantly stumble over the English language. 

Acceptable, if English is not your mother tongue.

Unacceptable in the days of instant spell check.

Goss, you're a teacher.

Your standards should be better than this.


From: RGoss99


The spelling/gramatical or simply mistype are because I do not bother to edit as I consider net posting as a conversation, not a form of publishing, so consider the message more important then the academic rules, and rechecking to me is a waste of time.

When I criticize others for such, I always do so after recognizing the message to which I am referring. My objections to most crits come when the responder ignores the message.

As for length the solution on your part is simple, either don´t read or skip the parts you find not relevant, some people find them interesting, and posts are not necessarily just for the Reading of one specific person. There are three reasons for the length I can think of:

1. added stuff anticipating a further response or question, especially when my subject is controversal.

2. an incentive to go deeper and expand on the initial subject.

3. in many cases stream of conscious, because I save my posts, to add to my research, because ideas come to me that I had not thought of before.


From: RGoss99


Yes, I am a teacher and as such would have a responsibility to set an example when teaching, but as this is an informal discussion, I have no need to adhere to your standards that would be appropriate to the classroom or formal papers. 

Spell check is useful in a different context, but in this context it is a waste of time because it gets in they way of stream of conscious as in a conversation. Yours would be a valid crit if the supposed errors, change the meaning of my message. For example though I am not responsable for the inserted "a" in problema it has no effect on the message.

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


I noticed you have been paying more attention to your spelling.

It shows.

The problem with a post littered with spelling errors is that it is too distracting.

Some people find it difficult to skip over a typo.  I am one of those.

There is also the fact that poor spelling and grammar online is an inherent sign of danger.

If you receive an email telling you your banking details are compromised and the grammar is appalling, it means it is a scam.  People react very differently these days to mistakes, because the internet is a pretty dodgy place and that is always something to watch out for.

It's nobody's fault.  But you have just proven that you can type correctly when you care.

Keep it up!

A for effort!