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Started 7/16/19 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 140901 views.

From: RGoss99


"no body" is an absolute, and very hard to prove, and false if there is one exception.

Besides already explained, but here it is again.

Where "G" stands for a post that is unrelated to my previous post, antisocial, ignores a point already answered,

The function "G=G+1" produces a number. Everyone posting to me has a score of G=0, when posts which are inappropriate are

sent to me,  my secretary or I hit a macro that produces this message and deletes the post from my mailbox. As a unique character

string, Delphi automaticly scores those who post to me in such a way that those with the highest value of "G" are ranked from valid to the greatest waste of time and cyber space. "G" is not a put down, simply a response that I see no value in the post, and if important could be responded to with an explanation, a non response, is an indication, that the poster has no justification for that particular post.

As a function, not an equation, this reads "let the present value of "G" be incremented by 1. Much more polite then posting a negative, such as B.S. 

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


RGoss99 said:

"no body" is an absolute, and very hard to prove, and false if there is one exception.

True.  If someone here completely understands the maths of the situation, I take my hat off to them.

Here are my questions:

  1. What is the macro?
  2. How does Delphi help you with this function?
  3. Why is your secretary responding to your posts on Delphi?
  4. Why is a post in your mailbox?
  5. How is using a logarithm to reduce a person to a value of "G" more polite than simply ignoring the post and not replying?
  6. How can a logarithm process something as complicated as a political debate or a genuine misunderstanding?
  7. What value of "G" must someone reach before they are put on ignore by either you, your secretary or this automated system?


From: CzoeMC


It's kind of like the sweet Poo bear meeting Tigger, who bounces up and down , shouting "And I'm the only one!"

PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


What we fear most


From: RGoss99


Sorry, I started to answer this and lost it, because I have been out of the country in Romania on a job, and my secretary has been of vacation and still is, to I have to wade through 100s of messages, so will start to aswer this again ...

"G=G+1" is not math it is simply a line of computer code ahtat counts unique strings.

So what´s to under stand "G" is initialized as zero, and every time it s counted its value is increased.

Basicly a macro is simply a compter function that when a certain combination of keys are hit, several things happen, automaticly without being requested individuall.

For example during my uni vacs I worked as a bank teller. One day at break in the lunch room we were discussiong how our jobs (this is before computers) could be simplified. After the bread, a person made a list of eveything they had to say in their job, then kept a talley. It turns out that about 30% of our language over 4 hours, only involved 10 sentences. So with computers if we had them if a person put a check on te counter. One would push a buttin, and a screen would say "do you have any identification" in other words one button took the place of 4 words. When you put your card in an ATM a macro answers about 15 questions that a teller might have had to ask and immediately jumps to the first question, essentially "what do you want", and so on, ending with "please extract your card" [click] door opens - money comes out.

In my case, if your message fits a certain protocal, the macro responds with "G=G+1" ups the value of G, and deletes the message from my inbox. This would be rude, if it was as simple as that because you would have no idea of the reason. So it is only used if your post fits some obvious predetermined conditions, or is a repeat of a response already given, etc. In this case, on my first pass at Delphi, I got rid of about 100 posts, because I have been away from a computer for over a week, took about two minutes compared to the time it would have taken had I dealt otherwise with all of them. My secretary is a home based mother, As a result, when she has time,she simply purges my inoming male list based on her protocol, if things do not fit this, she resends them tome with a note.

3. Why secretary? What does anybody have a secretary to do anything that the boss could do himself? Example: I was not a fan of Reagan, but was upsit when I felt he was unfairly criticized for something he did right. So I sent him a letter. Of course he never saw it, some White House secretary opened it and made a decision. She could have passed it on, she could have trashed it, instead, she sent me a response on White House stationary, itself the equivalent of a macro that acknowledged receipt, and thanks for a positive response to the president. In precomputer days, I used to get a lot of mail. My garage was attached to the kitchen, but my mail box was by the front door. When I got home I backed into the garage, walked outside to the front, collected the mail, and by the time I got to the inside kitchen door, about half of my mail was dumped in the trash, and the other half sorted in order of importance.

Mailbox is just a figurative term used for messages recied but not responded to when I am not on the computer. Some times it is called an "inbox"  or like now when I am on one computer, my other goes ding and says "You´ve got mail2 (meaning I just got a new message)

Obviously you do notshare the definition of logarhythn, I am simply using a system to budget my limited time. It does no indicate more or less polite,just more or less relevant to me. Think of "G" is a statement that in my opiion your post has no meaning to me, but if you are serious and disagree with this it is an invitation to repost and give me some reason respond to it, and use the marcro "G=G-1" For example if you sent your response number 5 as a single post, which uses the word "logarhythm" which I define as ...

an exponent of the power to which as base number must be raised to equal a given number; log:"  

makes no sence in this context, and I  have a problem guessing your meaning this would rate a "G" which would give you an opportunity to subsittute another word which might make sense to me.e.g. not a positive or negative, just a suspension of response.

 Note it is neither polite nor impolite. For example if you post to me what is simply an "ad hom" and the first time I tell you I do not respond to "ad homs" then it would be impolite for you to repeat it, so my "G" in this case would simplicate that your message was recieved considered rude, and I am to polite to respond in the same way, suggesting that you should know by now that I consider such posts a waste of both our time.

Repeating it is not a logarhythm, especially because logarhythms do not process they simply equate one code to a number. I case you are confused by this here is an example. The equare root of 4 = 2 if one uses standard math and 4 squared = 16. . but if you have a slide rule where the numbers have "log" values. to get the square root of 4 you divide the distance of 4 by 2 and get 2, but to square it you multiply the distance of 4 by 2 and get 16. If anybody around you has a slide rule, look at the way the numbers are spaced, so that dividing the distance in half produces the square root, and doubling it gets the number squared. In the old days, there was a high school and university stereotype for a nerd, besides glasses, and plastic pocket protectors,they carried a 6 to 12 inch slide rule in a leather or plastic sheath, which marked them as taking classes in trig, or physics. Now with pocket calculators, this is automatic. When I was a Marine, I was head of a howitzer battery. We never saw what we hit, we were given map coordinates, distance, wind, powder charge, whipped out our slide rules, and raised - lowered - turned the howitzer so that we would hit an unseen target. If we missed, we could calculate by how much, use the slide rule again, if we did not hit the target by the third try we were considered bad at our job.

Here is another use. You have probably heard of teachers who graded on the curve. this has a bad rep because most teachers who did so did not understand the concept, which only works if you have the perfect test, tught by the perfect teacher, to perfect students, under perfect conditions.  and it never is, on an ABCDF grading system and you test 100 students 2.5 will get an A or F grade, 15 D or B, and 65 C. However this is never the case so if there are 100 questions, and the highest score is 95, and the lowest is 25, with the average is 60, you use a statistical formula that comes up with a standard deviation from the average which would be a grade of "C" giving a deviation of about 11. So a student to get a A grade would have to
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Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


That was a rather longwinded explanation for the fact that you consider most of us as not being of your superior intellect!

PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


How glad that I am he is on my "ignore" list so I am (unlike yourself) blissfully unaware of his way of thinking


From: RGoss99


Your response ignores three facts.

1. While this may be a conversation between two persons, e.g. relatively private, on social media, many questions asked by a person, are probably ones that might or should have been asked by others following the discussion

2. For every person who feels a long winded response is patronizing, there are others for which the short versión would simply be confusing.

3. Many of my posts, are simply providing text for some writing projects in which I am involved, so these, or parts thereof are saved, catalogued, and filed for my furure reference. In fact cross referenced with responses to them for future study. In the case of your point, no cross reference is relevant since there is not much one can do with your unspecific complaint.