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Crimes of War   World Wide WTF?

Started 10/16/19 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 113046 views.

From: bml00


Purely for your own knowledge and I can well understand if you are not interested

The West Bank Palestinians have their own passports / identity cards / Vehicle registration numbers and different colored plates etc - the decade old claim by Berry will be backed up by a spam which has been shown on every forum multiple times - and that is it because he has no other proof because no proof exists as it is a lie

Field hospitals are in readiness on the Gazan Border - regular injections of Millions and Millions of USD are delivered by the Qataris in cash so if they want to build rockets rather than hospitals that is their problem not mine or Israels.

Israel continues to supply thousands of tons of basic requirements each day - if Gazans do die You will know because the figure will be multiplied for PR purposes so have no fear YOU WILL KNOW ,if all the pro palestinian bloggers and websites will know via their phones whatsapp / Tweeter / face time and in fact every single communication system then all the World will know

Currently on one Website Israel has been voted safest country in the World in terms of handling the virus (this is possibly shit but there you go ) DEEP KNOWLEDGE GROUP we have a very low mortality rate , over 6000 with the virus and only 30 dead most of whom were very elderly with multiple underlying issues www.dkv/covid



From: BerrySteph


bml00 said:

if Gazans do die You will know because the figure will be multiplied for PR purposes

You told us that nobody froze to death in Gaza after Israel deliberately blew out 100s of 1000s of windows and cut off the heating in Gaza again in 2014.

Even your own hasbara disputed that:

Three Palestinian babies die in Gaza freeze - Israel News › Ynetnews › News 10 Jan 2015 - Four Palestinians, including three babies, have died due to cold weather in the Gaza Strip, an official said Saturday, as winter storms lashed the ... Images for gaza frozen to death

But needless to say, they removed the pictures they published of the frozen bodies, don't show up any more.

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From: bml00


well dear oh dear THOUSANDS freezing to death in England - who would have thunked it

Berry all snug in his little room but 000's dead in his own home country and he does not give a toss



From: BerrySteph


bml00 said:

Man freezes to death in London it happens EVERYWHERE

Why did you lie and claim that nobody in Gaza had frozen to death?

When you'd Israel had blown out 100s of 1000s of windows, blocked all building materials and bombed the fuel supplies?

In fact of course, 10s of 1000s must have frozen to death - but no independent observers can get into Gaza - and if they do manage you'll kill them.

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From: bml00


Berry trying exceptionally hard to detract from BROWN PEOPLE - SUNTANNED PEOPLE and is now worried about Gaza 5 years ago

More people died in the UK from Hypotherima - but who gives a fuck about the British not Berry ?

                                                                    Wriggle twist Lie



From: BerrySteph


Winter death toll 'to exceed 40,000' - Telegraph › news › weather › Winter-death-toll-to-exceed-4...

5:05PM GMT 01 Feb 2015. The cold weather death toll this winter is expected to top 40,000, the highest number for 15 years. ... 19 Jan 2015. The rate soared by ...

bml00 said:

More people died in the UK from Hypotherima

Over 40,000 British people died of the cold in the winter of 2014/2015, BM.

But none of them died because terrorists had blown out all their windows - and none of them died because terrorists had attacked and blockaded their fuel supplies.

Just like none of them will die of the disgusting evil of demolishing COVID clinics.

https://www.btselem. org/press_release/ 20200326_israel_ confiscates_clinic_ tents_during_ coronavirus_crisis



I'd welcome people's honest feelings about what's being done at this time.

During the Coronavirus crisis, Israel confiscates tents designated for clinic in the Northern West Bank

26 March 2020 - This morning, Thursday, 26 March 2020, at around 7:30 am, officials from Israel’s Civil Administration in the West Bank arrived with a military jeep escort, a bulldozer and two flatbed trucks with cranes at the Palestinian community of Khirbet Ibziq in the northern Jordan Valley. They confiscated poles and sheeting that were meant to form eight tents, two for a field clinic, and four for emergency housing for residents evacuated from their homes, and two as makeshift mosques. The force also confiscated a tin shack in place for more than two years, as well as a power generator and sacks of sand and cement. Four pallets of cinder blocks intended for the tent floors were taken away and four others demolished.

As the whole world battles an unprecedented and paralyzing healthcare crisis, Israel’s military is devoting time and resources to harassing the most vulnerable Palestinian communities in the West Bank, that Israel has attempted to drive out of the area for decades. Shutting down a first-aid community initiative during a health crisis is an especially cruel example of the regular abuse inflicted on these communities, and it goes against basic human and humanitarian principles during an emergency. Unlike Israel’s policies, this pandemic does not discriminate based on nationality, ethnicity or religion. It is high time the government and military acknowledged that now, of all times, Israel is responsible for the health and wellbeing of the five million Palestinians who live under its control in the Occupied Territories.

In addition to the shocking destruction of the clinic under construction, the Civil Administration is continuing its demolition routine. Today, it demolished three seasonal homes of farmers who are residents of Jerusalem, in the village of ‘Ein a-Duyuk a-Tahta west of Jericho.

Background on Palestinian communities facing expulsion:

Scores of farming-shep
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From: BerrySteph


bml00 said:

we also have large Gay Pride in most Cities including the capital Jerusalem 

I thought you were posting crap when you put that up.

Being openly gay in Israel is much more dangerous than anywhere else.

From a peak of 100,000 at the Tel-Aviv Pride in 2005 (when the first stabbing occured) the numbers have declined steadily.

On 6 June 2019, around 15,000 people marched in Jerusalem’s annual pride parade. Under tight security with a reported 2,500 security personnel.

At least 49 people who wanted to violenty disturb the event were arrested.[38]

That's right - 2,500 police to protect 15,000 marchers! 49 knifemen arrested!

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From: bml00


Poor Berry even at Easter he is a liar and an idiot

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Tel Aviv Pride
Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade 2015 (18549971060).jpg
Frequency Annually
Location(s) Tel Aviv
Country Israel
Inaugurated 1979
Participants More than 250,000 people (2019)[1]

Tel Aviv Pride (Hebrew: ???? ?????? ??? ????, Arabic: ??? ?? ????) is a week-long series of events in
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