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Is Australia seeing the first Western Climate refugees?   Australia and Oceania

Started 1/1/20 by BerrySteph; 1228 views.

From: ElDotardo


The Mad Rush Of The Green Lemmings

Australia’s new Australia Labor Party/Green/Teal government has a Zero Emissions plan, putting them on track to be the world leader of the Green Lemmings.

John Kerry of the USA was a strong contender to win the Green Lemming race. But he was given a stiff handicap by UN organizers because America has access to coal, oil, gas, hydro, and nuclear power, plus cross-border pipelines and power lines. [bold, links added]

Biden is trying to close these loopholes.

Eight nations have withdrawn from the Green Lemming Games. Russia has joined China, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Iran, and Turkey in forming a powerful new G8.

This hard-headed group ignores the net-zero dogma unless that suits their business plan. The G8 members have diverse reliable energy supplies — oil, coal, gas, hydro, and nuclear.


They use wind/solar for virtue-signaling or to earn billions making and selling millions of green toys to Net Zero Lemmings.

Europeans were disqualified in the Great Green Race — they were caught cheating.

They pretend to run on intermittent energy from windmills and sunbeams, but whenever these fail, they quickly fill the power shortfall with reliable energy from French nuclear, Scandinavian hydro, Polish and German coal, Icelandic geothermal, North Sea natural gas, and (sometimes) Russian gas, oil, and coal.

Australia has aging coal plants (marked for demolition), wildly unstable supplies of disruptive and intermittent green electricity, oodles of gas (but unwelcome in local markets), and abundant uranium for export (but none for local nuclear power).

Australia is also a remote island with no extension cords to neighbors with reliable energy. It is a clear favorite in the big green race.

Sometime soon, at dinnertime on a cold still night, the Aussie winners of the Great Green Lemming Race will be acclaimed by widespread blackouts and a failing economy.