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Catholicism vs Change   Religion

Started 2/13/20 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 8363 views.

RGoss99 said...

it is can be spelled both ways as in "Columbus" after which it is named.

Try telling that to a Colombian. (And make note all those o's in Cristóbal Colón and Cristoforo Colombo, while you are at it.)

Don't let this happen to you!

RGoss99 said...

(Wank) for rudely ignoring the post to which you refer, but having some personal need to respond anyway.

It it obvious to everybody but you that I actually read your post, and responded to it. I also read your comments above regarding spell-check. 

I generally ignore most spelling errors that I see, but this one just happens to be a pet peeve for me due to personal reasons, so of course I feel a personal need to respond to your post, like many folks with the same pet peeve. At least I responded with a light hearted joke about spell-check, rather than with the method in the video above. 

If you don't want folks with personal pet peeves to respond to your posts, then I suggest that you make note of the first comment to the video above:

Three things you can do to piss off Colombians:
 (1)-spell it with the U Columbia
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FALSE, the name is Colombia, from La Gran Colombia. The Big Wank refuses to admit that he's wrong. I wonder if he was that arrogant towards his own relatives.




Or try telling Mexicans that they are mejicanos and their country's name is Mejico, no matter what the DLE (Diccionario de la Lengua Española) says.

MEDDLY said...


FALSE, the name is Colombia, from La Gran Colombia. The Big Wank refuses to admit that he's wrong. I wonder if he was that arrogant towards his own relatives.


It's possible that he picked it up from President Nixon, I suppose.


Stellar Error

Tucked into a nook at the country’s national planetarium is a small faded Colombian flag that was carried to the Moon during Apollo 17. It’s accompanied by a plaque from President Nixon that reads: “Presented to the people of the REPUBLIC OF COLUMBIA.”


President Richard Nixon presented this flag to the people of “Columbia.” 




That Crook? LOL

If Nixon were alive today, he would say:

I'M NOT A WANK(ER)!smiling_imp

Jenifer (Zarknorph) said...

Sadly, you had to resort to scolding in the end.

Maybe he just needs a hug. 

Doy el primer paso - Canción de bienvenida al papa Francisco


From: RGoss99


Sorry, but I think of this type of post as a conversation and not requiring formal standards. Whether one thinks of "o" or "u" in Chris´s last name the sound would be the same in a oral conversation, and since it does not change the meaning of my post, it is irrelevant.


From: katiek2


What a happy song!  At least it sounds and looks happy - unfortunately for me, the only word I recognize is "corazon".  I know, really stupid that English is my only language...

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Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)



You can't even admit to a simple mistake!

You spelt the word wrong.  It's not the end of the world.

Just shrug, say "my bad" and move on with your life.

INSISTING that others are wrong in the face of insurmountable proof is making you look ridiculously stubborn.

Your world will not implode if you are wrong.

How else do you learn, but through your mistakes?