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Decentering Whiteness   World Wide WTF?

Started 8/15/21 by el gringo (ramseylurker); 14108 views.
SamT (ZavraD)

From: SamT (ZavraD)


A member of another forum recommended some forums. I am checking them out. I feel for you as a single mod. With a background as a moderator, and with a military background, may I suggest a few rules for you to follow that will make your life as a mod more pleasant?

Don't explain or argue. Never, never, ever.

  1. First offense just post, "That's one, read the start page."
  2. Second offense, just post, "That's two. there won't be a third."
  3. Third offense, just bring the hammer down, and post nothing.

IMHO, don't modify those simple rules until you have a year on the job.

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


Hello Sam.

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

Your profile is outstandingly hilarious.

Thanks for the advice.


From: SquaddyB


Hello Sam.


I have a suggestion - why don't you stick your head up your ass and see if it fits!

You haven't a clue what went down before you stuck your nose in!

Msg 1992.21 deleted
Msg 1992.23 and the next 2 deleted
8645 (RedBV)

From: 8645 (RedBV)


And what does RedBV got against brujas Catolicas, anyway? Look, I understand that he's a white so-called "christian" fundamentalist, but why can't he accept the fact that my wife is a bruja Catolica? RedBV is trying to erase 500 years of Black religion, Black culture, and Black history.

What does RedBV have against Black Catholics, anyway? Your whole forum is all about bigotry, of all forms and shapes imaginable.

Your forum is a load of white fundamentalist bullshit, unwilling to accept Black cultures, Black histories, and Black religions.

Your forum is always attacking our families with your white fundamentalist so-called "christianity".

There's nothing at all Christian about your forum's attacks on our families. Nothing at all. 

And I say this as a life long atheist, which of course, will disturb RedBV to no end, given his white so-called "christian" fundamentalist outlook on life, the universe, and everything. 

Well it didn't take ya long at all for ya ta get back to trolling me with your customary lying false accusations toward me slackerx/ramselurker, hijacking your own thread ta do so, as expected from ya . . .

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


What the hell was that about?

Please see the rules on my start page.

Warning number one.