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Decentering Whiteness   World Wide WTF?

Started 8/15/21 by el gringo (ramseylurker); 14103 views.
SquaddyB said...

Hello Sam.


I have a suggestion - why don't you stick your head up your ass and see if it fits!

You haven't a clue what went down before you stuck your nose in!


From: ricardomath


SamT (ZavraD) said...

A member of another forum recommended some forums. I am checking them out. I feel for you as a single mod. With a background as a moderator, and with a military background, may I suggest a few rules for you to follow that will make your life as a mod more pleasant?

Don't explain or argue. Never, never, ever.

  1. First offense just post, "That's one, read the start page."
  2. Second offense, just post, "That's two. there won't be a third."
  3. Third offense, just bring the hammer down, and post nothing.

IMHO, don't modify those simple rules until you have a year on the job.

That's what I say.

Time for a little law and order! 

Military background, huh?

My wife's ancestors are famous for their macheteros.

Academia de San Francisco - ESGRIMA COLOMBIANA - Esgrima de machete y bordón - LAS SIETE PARADAS


From: ricardomath


8645 (RedBV) said...


I thought you were supposed to be Law Enforcement Officer. 

Did the Academy not teach you about the strategic retreat?

Or were you only there for the lesson on white bravado?

As a Law Enforcement Officer who likes to bully and threaten others online, please see 22:20. Consider it a part of your training.

Danza Colombia: Trayecto Pacífico - 1. Libertad

"If I can't dance, then I don't want to be in your revolution" - Emma Goldman

How to Dance like a White Guy


From: ricardomath


8645 (RedBV) said...

And yet another trolling post from him, Jen . . .

From:  el gringo (ramseylurker) 1:30 AM 
To:  8645 (RedBV) DelphiPlus Member Icon unread   (14 of 14) 
  1992.14 in reply to 1992.12 

I'm going to try something...

How Long Is 8:46 In Classical Music? Musicians Honor George Floyd With Moving ‘Albinoni Adagio’

"Gracias a diós y nuestro señor salvador, fue el diablo el que me enseñó a tocar violin."

"Thanks to God and our Lord Savior, it was the devil who taught me how to play the violin"

Felipe Ibarra, violinista

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That wasn't trolling.

It was a cognitive test.