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Welcome to Australia   Australia and Oceania

Started 10/22/17 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 112738 views.
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265,000 Lightning strikes in one night!

Lightning strikes over buildings in Brisbane's night sky during storm on February 11, 2018.

More than 60,000 south-east Queensland residents remain without power this morning after a severe thunderstorm swept through the region last night.

Energex says at the height of the storm about 130,000 people were left in the dark after more than 265,000 lightning strikes and high winds.

A boy was shocked while taking a shower after lightning struck nearby his house in Ferny Grove in Brisbane's north-west about 6:45pm.

Queensland Ambulance said he was conscious and breathing, but suffering from leg pain, and had been taken to the Prince Charles Hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

Dark storm crowds moving across the sky towards Brisbane city

The BOM says more storms are forecast for tomorrow,

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Deadly baby brown snake found in child's school lunchbox

A baby brown snake tucked into the lip of a school lunchbox

Adelaide snake catcher Rolly Burrell told ABC Radio Adelaide the Hahndorf mum was preparing her child's lunch on Monday when she found the deadly snake.

"She'd already started packing it, the lunchbox itself has a lip around the top — snakes like to get into closed spaces so they feel secure," Mr Burrell said.

"When she opened up the lid ... she didn't even see it and she was halfway through putting the lunch in and then she saw it and shut the lid down and gave us a call."

Mr Burrell said it was normal for baby brown snakes to hatch at this time of year, but said he had been receiving an unusually high number of calls this year.

"We're doing about 50, 60 calls a day and they're all baby brown snakes," he said.

"Look I'm over it. I want to go hide on an island somewhere. We're getting smashed, we're going out three, four o'clock in the morning.

"This is one of the best years for us that I've seen in 40 years of doing it, there's just baby snakes hatching everywhere."

Just the other day, Mr Burrell said he was called to a home where a snake was found under a quilt.

"The cat had brought it in, dropped it on the bed and they both bolted."

Mr Burrell said baby brown snakes were just as lethal as a full grown one.

He said just because you found a baby brown snake, it did not mean the mother would also be hanging around.

"The mother doesn't hang around, she lays her eggs and she goes," he said.

"She's quite cannibalistic, even if she comes across them in the garden, she'll eat them. So there's no love there."

Mr Burrell said he was getting callouts to not only the hills, but also around the suburbs.

He said when he caught snakes, they were later re-released "quite a way away".

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Best pictures from Australia this week

Aurora Australis

Cockatoo and 'roo, Black Hill, NSW.

Busy bee

End of a surf

Hearson's Cove

Moon and ruins



Tasmanian hiking

That's better. 

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Best pictures from Australia this week

Young crocodiles

Not so scary... until they grow...


Cosy joey

Coastal rocks

Pilbra showers

Magpie talon


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