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Welcome to Australia   Australia and Oceania

Started 10/22/17 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 112861 views.
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Welcome To Australia - The dolphins don't take any crap

Dolphin hits stand-up paddleboarder in Western Australia

A Western Australian stand-up paddleboarder has opened up on his unique and closer-than-expected encounter with a pod of dolphins off Gracetown.

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Millions of ladybirds descend on hidden South Australian radio tower

Ladybirds cover a post.

Millions of ladybirds are massing under a remote radio tower near Mount Burr in South Australia, with the location also attracting visitors keen to see the unusual sight.

Steve Chapple came across the mass and was taken aback by his find.

"I've always been astounded by the numbers out there but this year was just phenomenal," he said.

The ground under a metal structure covered in thousands of ladybugs, with a grassy field in the background.

Experts bemused by mass ladybird find

University of Adelaide professor Andy Austin said just why ladybirds participated in such a mass event was hard to tell.

"Two likely reasons are they are mating aggregations that attract beetles to one spot, essentially to make it easier to find a mate," he said.

"The second possible reason is that it is for protection against predators, particularly birds."

As pestilence goes - it could be worse


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ROFLMAO. Thank you for the belly laughs. I live to laugh. It's pretty much the same all over. I'm searching my memory banks for the appropriate quote here but have drawn a blank. Stupidity is rampant. But hey here we're just honorary members of the 'Coalition of the Confused'.

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We have family in Qld.

We don't visit that much...

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Best Photos from Australia this week

Manta ray

Storm chasing

Baby croc born

They're okay when they're this size...

Autumn colours

Di (amina046)

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What fab photos!

thank you