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Cultural Survival: Our Cultures / Our Rights   The U.K and Europe

Started Apr-20 by Bruno (ricardomath); 638 views.
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Cultural Survival
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Cultural Survival (founded 1972) is a nonprofit group based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States, which is dedicated to defending the human rights of indigenous peoples.
Cultural Survival was founded by anthropologist David Maybury-Lewis and his wife, Pia, in response to the opening up of the Amazonian and South American hinterlands during the 1960s, and the drastic effects this had on Indigenous inhabitants. It has since worked with Indigenous communities in Asia, Africa, South America, North America, and Australia, becoming the leading US-based organization defending the rights of Indigenous Peoples around the world. Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Cultural Survival also has a satellite office for the Guatemala Radio Project in Guatemala.
As of 2022, Cultural Survival had a four-star rating from Charity Navigator.
The Program on Nonviolent Sanctions in Conflict (PNS), a research division of Harvard's Center for International Affairs, was created by Gene Sharp in 1983. Its focus was the use of nonviolent sanctions as a substitute for violent interventions. Sharp also founded the independent non-profit Albert Einstein Institution (AEI) a few months later, which became the funding body for the Program.
In 1995 (some years after Sharp's departure) PNS merged with Cultural Survival, creating the Program on Nonviolent Sanctions and Cultural Survival (PONSACS). PONSACS focussed on "nonviolent alternatives for the preservation of all peoples and their cultures", flourishing for ten years before eventually closing in 2005.
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This is the main webpage:

Here's a link to the back issues of Cultural Survival Quarterly:

The fourth quarter of 2001, they had an issue titled, Maroons in the Americas:

Two articles from that issue came up in web searches:

The Rights of Maroons In International Human Rights Law

Miners & Maroons: Freedom on the Pacific Coast of Colombia and Ecuador

That's how I stumbled across the webpage and organization.




A curiosity in Norway is the treatment of the Sami people by the Norwegian government. They were forced to speak Norwegian and live pretty much like Native Americans in the US.

Mari Boine led a protest movement against the treatment of the Sami by the Norwegian state that didn't go very far until the Lillehammer winter Olympics when she was asked to sing the Olympic hymn and she refused because of the treatment of Sami in Norway.

Soon afterwards, King Harold made a New Years Day apology to the Sami people and everything changed. Now the Sami are respected and admired because of their green living culture. Their music is impressive as well.

From: CzoeMC


My Grandmother was a Finnish Sami. 

I recommend the book "Trekways of the Wind", by Nils-Aslak Valkeapaa.

One item from it:

Everything is so beautiful 

I am afraid 

to wake up again 

To the hard world.

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The wars people fight sometimes catch up with me making my darkest moments

I see people fill the earth destroying the foundations of life, all humankind 

In the long night's darkness thoughts smolder trouble the soul 

From the previous poet.

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Our guide at a tour of the Sami Parliament in Karasjok was a Sami from across the river in Finland. That was about three years ago.

The Sami Parliament building:


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The Sami national anthem with English translation,



"Ofelas" which translates as "The Pathfinder" in English was the most expensive movie ever made. It is the legend of Sami fighting Dutch invaders several centuries ago.

The trailer:


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Ricardo, so do everyone else's.