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Generation Z   World Wide WTF?

Started May-14 by NISSY (NISSY2); 136 views.
Alm (JurgensenAlm)

From: Alm (JurgensenAlm)


 It's good we die because as it is change is difficult as we age.  I am 93.  What your message laid out is primarily what my father was saying when he was an old man.  Dad was a Catholic and Mom a Presbyterian.  You would have thought the world caved in the way the families behaved.  Not only that but my fathers background was Italian-English.  Dads parents were divorced and that was rare back in the 20s-30s.  

Mom was a Ku Kluxer as was her whole family in New Jersey. Dad and Brother and me discovered it when the family house was sold and the attic cleaned out.  Down floasted the white gown and hood.  Dad and us kids yelled:  'WHAT'S THAT?'  Mom stood there in the yard with her face in her hands.  

Moving on with MY family:  My son married a Catholic Puerto Rican-German girl.  One of my grandaughers married a Dominican-Catholic and they are raising their 2 daughters Catholic.  

My Dad wouldn't have been shocked.  My Mom?  She still referred to Chinese as Chinks.  She still hated Blacks 'til the day she died at 102.  Oh the stories  I could tell.




I first read about Generation Z in a statement by a guy in Mongolia over at Quora. He saw big change and one change was that Generation Z supports personality. Protestors now clean up the litter they leave after the protests are over.