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Singing while being bombed   The U.K and Europe

Started Jun-19 by NISSY (NISSY2); 114 views.

From: ElDotardo


I agree, our species seems lost and confused lately. Sadly if it was simply confined to my country, we might have a chance to reclaim sanity, but it seems pandemic in a global society . . .

Typical of most of my countrymen, I am not widely traveled. Canada and Mexico hardly count, and Vietnam was under duress *chuckle*. I did make it to England back in 2001, and I've become a big fan of what is known here as 'Nordic Noir' television series - probably routine viewing for you - so there's that. Beautiful setting, especially when compared to where I live now in Kansas . . 

Study: Illinois Is Flatter Than Kansas . . . Which Is Really Not That Flat  At All – JONATHAN TURLEY

It's pretty flat country, but at least we get tornadoes!




When they say I stand with Ukraine, it means they stand with criminals, gangs and racists but the public has no idea of what life in Ukraine is like.

But it is tough to know when the media has its own mission.

I have discovered Bald and Bankrupt who is a traveler who can speak Hindi, Russian, and English and his girl friend speaks Russian, Spanish, and French. The videos are mostly questioning strangers about life where they live.

Here is a sample on a visit to Georgia that is very informative.