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Started 6/15/17 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 73039 views.

From: ElDotardo


Yes, let's.

Has the DOJ issued a statement yet? No? Wonder why? No, I suppose not, you're too busy creamin' your jeans. Enjoy the moment Davey, it won't last.


When the DOJ or FBI serve warrants, they don't make public announcements or statements. Everything you hear is from those served or those near to those served. A search like this is not public information until there are charges and court dates. 

8th grade civics. 


From: ElDotardo


Yeah, they do.

First year law school.


The FBI has immediately leaked the details of the raid on Mar A Lago to The New York Times. But yeah, it’s not political. If you don’t see the Rubicon that is being crossed by the FBI conducting a raid on a former and likely future political opponent’s home, I can’t help you. 

The president with the lowest approval ratings in our lives just had his department of justice’s FBI raid the private home of the leading candidate to replace him in the next election. 
Whether or not you're a fan of Donald Trump, you should realize this is dangerous territory.
  • Edited August 9, 2022 11:37 am  by  ElDotardo

Name one example of the DOJ or FBI announcing the warrant or purpose there of in public. 

Just one, any one will do. 

By the way, before ANY news agency, including the NYT, announced the serving of the warrant, big mouth cry baby Trump did on "Truth" Social. The news agencies all followed up on that. Trump is the "leak". 


From: ElDotardo


Do your own research, fool. In the mean time, why don't you share your 8th grade insight with one of your own . . .



You made the assertion that they make these things public, I have no need to validate or disqualify your false assertions. 

Besides, I cannot find what doesn't exist. It doesn't exist because they don't do it. 

Oh, you quote the notorious womanizer of New York.... LOL, yeah, there's a reason his former Lt Governor is Governor now. 

8645 (RedBV)

From: 8645 (RedBV)


ROTFLMAO at you and that junk . . .




It looks like a police state operation to me and it will get support for Trump.