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Is North Korea a nuclear threat?   Asia

Started 6/13/18 by OSarge (DD214_98); 84004 views.

From: bml00 


Leaving Berry to watch Israel go from strength to strength is my curse to the idiot .


Msg 519.207 and the next 1 deleted
Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph) 


No Hijacking!


From: BerrySteph 


Jenifer (Zarknorph) said:

Why do you defend this man? Tell me one single redeeming quality Kim Jong Un has.

Its not me trying to derail this discussion because I'm uncomfortable with it, its BM and his sidekicks.

I brought up the Holocaust (=189) as proof that collaborating leaders lead to more suffering and death and dispossession. Syngman Rhees collaborating led to 5 million dead Koreans burned to a crisp - what's the word for doing that?

I'm immediately and falsely accused of introducing the Jews (#190) - while Meddly brings up a story that makes it appear that the Jews are central to the collaborating of South Korea (#191).  At #195 you blame me - at #200 we have BM "Thank You , hopefully that will annoy Berry" at #202 and #203, #204 and #205 I get nothing but personal abuse

Are you allowing this thuggery to go on because you know know I'm right about the history of Korea, the motivations of the colonisers and the great patriotism of the victims of genocide?

Because it looks exactly as if you're interfering because you're angry at me for being targeted by a bunch of thugs for being correct in history and "logic".

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph) 


BerrySteph said:

Its not me trying to derail this discussion because I'm uncomfortable with it, its BM and his sidekicks.

It is BOTH of you.

Your symbiotic relationship infects everything it touches.

Just get a room, already!


From: BerrySteph 


katiek2 said:

Sorry, I'm not an expert, or even a knowledgeable spectator re the North/South Korean conflict, therefore will not even attempt to enlighten you.  I'm sure you have much more credible info than the people who actually lived through the liberation of Korea from the Japanese, the division of Korea into North and South Korea, the establishment of a communist government in North Korea and a democratic republic in South Korea and the aftermath of such actions. 

The only people you have ever heard from is the people who carried out this genocide, along with their collaborators. As I explained in my response here -

When I put the case from the people still under occupation, generations of US imposed and very brutal colonialisation (on top of what they'd already learned to do under the Japanese) you don't reply - and I'm subject to reams of abuse and my messages deleted.

With a cover-up this blatant and angry and Wizop sponsored you must know that I'm right.

Look carefully and you'll see the flat refusal to deal with the lessons of the Holocaust concerning occupation and genocide - disgusting and fraudulent accusations of antisemitism and a string of messages of very personal abuse before I'm accused of hijacking (presumably away from the terrible conditions imposed on North Korea).

Then my messages  are deleted while the abuse remains on display! They're from to 207 when the deletions start.

I'm right about Korea, aren't I? I must be!

Msg 519.214 deleted
In reply toRe: msg 211

To whom it may concern:

For weeks now, I've ignored Berry's and Goss' existence by not acknowledging their posts to me. So I've no idea why the poster called Berry is using me as a scapegoat to justify its hatred towards Jews.

The so-called story about Jews in Korea comes from Wikipedia. Since the "theme" was about Korea, I added my $0.02 (two cents).

Did I hijack the discussion? Then let the Higher Power remove my post. If I didn't, then that individual trying to use me should drop it. The individual can celebrate that I'm temporarily acknowledging its existence, just this time.

End of my whining/whinging!

Note: ignoring≠on Ignore